The art gallery signs can be just the same as the art. High-quality signage is crucial for any business, as it communicates brand value and creates a first impression.

Why do you need signs in an Art Gallery?

They are a wayfinding system

Wayfinding signs can be signs that provide directions. You will find many wayfinding signs that are useful for art galleries. These include exit signs, signs pointing to exhibits, and toilet signs. These systems are particularly useful if you have an art gallery spread over several floors.

They enable you to spread brand awareness

Every business has branding. This branding should be reflected in all aspects of your signage. Your branding should include images, text, logos, and other elements that associate with your company. It is important to have a well-recognized brand that people can associate with your business.

They make people feel first.

In a world that is all about first impressions, it is vital to give your customers a great first impression of your business. External signage is a great way to give people a positive impression. Signs that are high quality will make a better impression than LED neon signs that have been worn down.

What type of signs should art galleries have?

External Fascia

Your sign must be attached to the front of your company so people can easily identify your business. It is the best way to make an impact on your customers. Signs can be deceiving and can make people avoid visiting your business. The exterior signage that we made and installed for Clarendon Fine Art has perfectly suited to their current branding.

Window graphics

Window graphics are a great way to add personality and flair to art galleries. You can display your gallery name or advertise a new exhibit on the windows. Window graphics are versatile and can be easily modified.

Projecting signs

A projecting signage is a LED neon signs mounted on the side of a building that has a double-sided design. Because they can be seen from many directions, they are great for increasing exposure and helping people find your business. Hanging projecting signage has been a staple of art galleries for years.


It is vital to tell people visiting your gallery the name and artist of each piece of art. Plaques can be small enough to match your branding, but they can still easily be manufactured. These plaques should be kept simple to not distract from the main attraction.

Wall Graphics

Wall graphics can be a great way to bring life and interaction into a space. Wall graphics are flexible and can be easily modified, just like window graphics. Wall graphics can also be converted into wayfinding systems. You can also create graphics that inform visitors about what they can find on each floor. So that your wall graphics can be easily seen, make sure they are at eye level.