Neon LED signs are a common concern for customers. Sure! There is no doubt about it! Use neon LED signs outdoors even if it’s raining.

Neon LED signs can either be used indoors or outdoors. Outdoor LED signs are waterproof. You can use them in the rain or heavy downpours. Their construction means they won’t be at risk of fire or breakage.

Let’s take a look at outdoor neon signs.

Can LED neon signs be installed in rain?

They are easy to use. It’s not the same as traditional glass neon signs.

They can be tricky to use outdoors in adverse weather and rain. It’s because glass is delicate and can pose risks when handled.

If you need the neon signs to be waterproofed in case of rain, some manufacturers can do this. This is an important step to take care of all LED neon signs you may need outside.

Your LED strips will be protected from the rain by keeping their LED modules intact. It is the electrical current that lights your signs, so keep this in mind.

You can waterproof your LED neon sign by sealing any opening. It makes sure nothing gets in its main area. As it stands up to the elements, your sign will lighten up your space.

Are you wondering if you can waterproof indoor signs? You can waterproof indoor signs. It is for safety purposes. The LED sign will not be affected by water regardless of its place or circumstance.

Neon Signs with LED Lights are Waterproof?

Neon LED signs for outdoor use require waterproofing. Your specifications will determine which LED signs are suitable for indoor use.

It is possible to make an individual arrangement with the manufacturer, especially for indoor signs that are waterproof. It makes it easy to use, regardless of the location or current operations.

What You Should Avoid When Installing Neon Signs Outdoors?

Many people are looking at neon LED signs to be used outdoors. They are moving away from their glass counterparts. It is all because of the flexibility and ambiance.

You can customize them and get them in different colors. They are suitable for all occasions. They can be customized to fit your event theme.

Although all this information is helpful, you may run into issues if your installation isn’t done properly. For outdoor lighting, you will need to have enough experience and knowledge in electrical work.

If you don’t have the time or expertise to hire professional help, this is the best way to go. The following points should be considered by anyone who does a self-installation.

1. The Light Strip is Bendable

The flexibility of LED neon signs is undisputed. They will work well when installed properly. Make sure the light is not bent upwards or downwards when installing it.

The light should not be curved in arches at any point. Sign damage is likely to result from such movements. The most common problem with the sign is the malfunctioning light.

2. Keep Some Distance

You might be working with signs that are in parallel. It’s possible to work with signs that are in a parallel arrangement.

Place them far apart. At least one should be at least a quarter of an inch away from the other. Overheating LED lights can result from installing signs too close together. Additionally, the lifespan of your lights could be reduced.

3. It is best not to install it underwater.

Outdoor neon LED signs offer to waterproof. They can withstand extreme weather outdoors.

You can’t just submerge them into water. Some areas, like swimming pools, may require underwater lighting. Other options might be needed.

Swimming pool experts and builders can help determine the best light for you.

4. You should not light it on the spool.

Some LED neon signs have been wound around spools. The wounding is strong enough to make them compatible and more portable.

It is not recommended to light an LED sign if it is still in its original wound state. You also increase the risk of it going out of control. The current might not be able to pass through the light rope if it is in a tight place.

The heat cannot flow through it. If you’re only using the sign for testing purposes, be sure to let it go.

5. Select the right location

Your sign must be visible to everyone. You should be aware of the location you place it in your outside space.

It is important to choose a place that is quiet and free of obstacles. You shouldn’t need to move it often. Signs should not be placed on doors, gates, windows, or other such areas. These areas allow for more movement.

Instead, the LED neon sign should be kept in a stable area to increase its durability. You can’t compromise on performance.

How do you protect neon LED signs from the rain?

Rain is one of the most dangerous situations you could find yourself in. Rainy weather can be dangerous so you need to be careful with outdoor lights.

Use Outdoor-Rated Neon Signs

Neon signs can be dangerous if you purchase them for your outdoor space. Ordinary LED neon signs can be used on balconies, patios, and other outdoor areas.

But moisture can pose a serious problem for functionality. All neon LED signs may not be suitable for outdoor usage. Some might be suitable for wet locations only.

Some are weather-resistant and others are weatherproof. You should always check the packaging. This information is typically provided by manufacturers. Make sure that signs are appropriate for harsh weather conditions.

A) Position the Neon LED Signs Correctly

Neon LED signs shouldn’t be installed. As mentioned above, avoid areas where there is a lot of motion. It can have an impact on the durability of your sign.

It is important to get the right cover for areas you need but not signs. Some outdoor receptacles might be located on the porch, or the screened-in patio.

You can protect your sign against harsh climate conditions with a door cover. You should also make sure the cover is removable. These areas can get damp. The cover you choose should be suitable for such places.

You might not have an outdoor receptacle that is covered by a roof. Therefore, you will need to protect it.

Many companies offer in-use covers for signs. Covers keep the plug, receptacle, and very dry. It doesn’t matter if it is raining or hot.

C: Use Light Shields

The main system can also have your outdoor neon signs. But the fixture will be out in open spaces. Good-quality light shields are essential.

Light shields are small and clear boxes that can be placed over your outdoor neon lighting fixture. The shields keep moisture out of light fittings and housings.

After your sign has dried, you can achieve the durability that your manufacturer claims. You can extend its lifespan by taking care of it properly.

D – Install Weather-Resistant Receptacles

Electrical operations are essential. It is essential to seek professional help when in doubt.

Always make sure to plug your temporary loads into functional outdoor receptacles. Avoid running the cord out of doors and windows, especially when the receptacles are in the house.

Weather-resistant containers are recommended. In the past, outlets that are weather resistant were not mandatory. They are becoming more important today.

It is possible that older homes do not have them. These receptacles could still be protected from the elements by weatherproof covers. These receptacles should be able to deal with dampness.

You can also use them to freeze and heat. They must remember to not damage the neon signs or the receptacles.

You should ensure they are weather-resistant and rated for outdoor usage. You will lose the lifespan and durability of your neon LED signs if you purchase a regular model.

Be Aware of Material that Can Catch Fire

Lighting fixtures that have not been installed correctly can lead to fires. The neon signs are made to release less heat waste.

You should also be careful to not use any heat-releasing fixtures or lighting material. Also, decrease the number of bulbs that are near your area of installation.

You should keep the signs clear of any material that could ignite. An example is a good accent lighting source that can be used below an open space.

You may be in love with the way the light creates in this spot. However, it is possible to dislike the result if the space is too cluttered or full of hay.

Final Thoughts

Lighting systems are constantly evolving. Many are moving away from old glass neon signs and switching to LED neon signs. It allows them to use LED neon signs outdoors without worrying too much about the rain.

Their versatility opens up so many creative possibilities. You’ve been considering this for a while and now it’s time to do it!

When installing signs by yourself, be sure to observe the following precautions. If that is not possible, you should seek professional help.