Many are worried about what could happen if they touch a Neon LED sign.

Anyone can be touched by LED neon signs. That’s because custom-made Neon LED signage produces minimal heat.

This means that they are safe to touch if you do. What’s more, these are completely different from neon signs which heat up more and are risky to handle when on.

That’s the reason Neon LED signage is growing in popularity at a rapid rate among businesses as well as households.

Can You Touch a Neon LED Sign?

There’s no reason not to. Both the environment and the human population are safe from neon LED signs.

Its light production allows it to generate enough heat while also reducing the amount of heat it produces when it’s active. It can be touched with no worry (only when it is necessary). It can be a result of cleaning or adjustments.

They are also more robust. Glass breaks are not feasible because of overheating. Therefore, you can agree that there are little to no risks.

Yet, please make sure you have a professional install the signs on your behalf, and that you use the Neon LED signs with attention.

Are neon LED signs dangerous?

The research shows that the advantages outweigh the negatives. They have been proven to be more environmentally friendly than their counterparts.

LED neon signs can now be custom-designed with distinct designs, styles, and feels. Modern technology and manufacturing methods can create distinctive designs. It’s not the same as conventional neon signs.

Here are more reasons why neon LED signs aren’t dangerous to your space and everything in it. These are all possible reasons to move away from conventional neon signs.

1. Improved Construction

The LED neon signs are made of a mixture of plastic, acrylic as well as LED light bulbs. They also consist of many small individual bulbs.

There’s so much craftsmanship involved in its design, construction, and manufacturing.

You can decide what is best for you. The result is a glowing and bright appearance without the use of neon gas or argon. The light isn’t requiring fragile gas like in conventional neon lights.

2. Plenty of brightness

In an age where people are more conscious about their eyesight, LED neon lights are an attractive option. The lights are visible throughout the day.

The clarity of their images is amazing and it is possible to read them from a distance with ease. Unfortunately, traditional neon signs are blurry if looking at them from an extended distance.

3. Affordable Price

Everyone wants lighting to be extraordinary. But, the light must also save as much money as possible during buying and installation.

LED neon signs are less expensive than traditional neon signs. They are additionally less costly to operate as compared to conventional neon signs. They require little maintenance.

4. Space-saving

Most traditional neon signages are thicker than LED neon signs. Their thickness is what distinguishes the amount of space they consume.

Older designs had tubes that had to be extended further from the backing. This creates a depth of 3 to 5 inches deep.

This differs from LED neon signs, which are one inch thick. They can be made in any size that fits your needs and space.

5. Environmentally-safe

LED neon signs are green and consume fewer watts. They use six to 10 percent less energy than other neon signs in studies.

They emit less heat, and they are cool to the feel. This contrasts with neon gas signs.

Since they consume less energy, they’re cheap to run and maintain. Additionally, Neon LED signs don’t emit harmful gases like argon.

Is touching an LED Sign Your Body Burning?

There aren’t any dangers of burning by touching LED neon lights. Yet, it is a primary concern amongst most potential buyers, and I can understand why.

You must be able to understand the construction of neon LED signs. They are quite similar to conventional neon signs. However, the materials and mechanisms utilized in these signs are distinctly different.

Many people believe that LED neon signs are dangerous because they contain numerous small bulbs. It is an illusion!

The lights that they use are more efficient. They emit less heat into the room and will not get hot to the point of burning the user.

I would describe their temperature as moderate. If you have floor signage It’s very small and won’t cause any harm to a baby.

LED neon signs are therefore safer to touch and pose no danger of burning. Importantly, however, they must be put in place properly.

All LED neon signs made by us are high-quality. If you’re not confident in your electrical skills You can always seek help from a professional.

NeonCraftsman is a business that puts safety and quality first. We do not play on the construction materials in the name of our client’s safety and comfort.

How Do You Take Care of Your Neon LED Sign to Make It Safer?

1. Clean Your Neon LED Sign

The weather and the location will determine how often you wash your home. But activities and personal preferences are also factors to consider.

In time, signs get dirty and accumulate. Therefore, the first thing you need to do when you want to maintain your signage is to clean it thoroughly.

Professional help is needed If your signs are bigger than average. Experts can assist you in cleaning and maintaining the NeonLED sign. They will do it without harming them.

2. Check Your Neon LED Sign to determine if There are any Damages

After you have cleaned your sign, make sure you inspect it for structural and cosmetic damages. It is possible to seek help from a professional when you spot an issue.

It is important to be aware of dimming and flickering lighting on outdoor LED neon signs. Chipped paint and rust are the other two. Other signs are cracks, holes, and discoloration.

Damage to the physical structure will indicate that you need to check the lights in-depth for any deeper problems. Be aware of rusty fixtures and damaged or dirty bulbs.

Another cause of concern is faulty wires. However, do not attempt to fix any wire in the absence of technical know-how. It’s risky for you and your sign.

Seek professional help whenever you’re unsure about what to do. This is to ensure the safety and durability of your LED neon sign.

3. Upgrade Your Signage Installation

How old is your LED neon sign? Do you think it’s as old as your home or your business? It could be time to consider an upgrade.

There can be so much effort involved in choosing the right LED neon sign to fit your space. The brightness of LED signs can be enhanced by changing old signs with more modern ones.

Additionally, you’ll save on electricity or energy costs. LED neon signs are visible to customers and attract more interest. The signs are visible from a greater distance and visitors are more likely to come in.

It is possible to replace all of the lighting in your area with LED neon signs for more effectiveness. Because they’re more bright and more appealing, it is also easier to install.