Are you in dire need of a complete cleaning of your neon sign?

Neon signs are prone to draw dust, grease insects, dust, and webs over time. For your neon lights to remain bright, vibrant, and attractive quality periodic cleaning is essential.

Neon signs are an exciting option to add a creative flair to your business environment. However, it’s essential to keep your premises clean. The majority of the time neon signs are employed to attract customers when placed outside. Neon lights are also used inside to add color and character to your home.

This is the last thing you want for people to be able to see how poorly maintained your signage is.

Modern neon signs that utilize LEDs are covered in a protective polymer, while traditional neon signs utilize neon glass tubing, which is less durable. Traditional light bulbs can be hot to the touch when they are lit. However, LED neon sign don’t become as hot after they are lit.

As a result, cleaning modern neon signs has been made much easier.

Dust Removal

Modern neon signs are safe to handle since there aren’t dangerous gases within, unlike traditional neon signs that contain noble gases.

It is essential to turn off the sign and unplug it before you proceed with any kind of handling. After that let the sign cool off over some time as it can become hot after prolonged periods of use.

Begin with a feather duster to eliminate any dust. Then, make use of a nylon brush that has long bristles that are soft and long. Then, brush off the dust remaining with gentle pressure.

Before you decide whether a deeper clean is required to remove grime and stains with wet cleaning, make sure you get rid of as much dust as you can.

Removing Stains and Grime

Mix 1/2 cup ammonia from the household and 1/2 cup of water in the container to get rid of the stains. After that, soak a clean cloth with the mixture, and wipe off any excess. Carefully rub any grime or stains from the surface of your signs.

It is easier to clean LEDs with the polymer coating. It is nevertheless important to turn off the light and disconnect from the power source while you are cleaning.

Don’t want to use ammonia? You can substitute the ammonia with a baking soda and vinegar mix.

Beware of this at all costs.

Do not immerse the sign in the solution or water during the process of cleaning. Also, special attention is required when there is block-out paint used on the sign. Before cleaning the entire sign, ensure that you test a small area.

Are you ready to purchase a safe, modern LED neon sign?