Living with AI

Pan Yanpei St Paul’s coeducational college

ChatGPT is creating waves. It is a powerful tool that can boost productivity and make life easier however its effect on society cannot be ignored.

ChatGPT is a revolutionary tool that will change your way of life and work. Its ability to understand and respond to needs can be used for a variety of tasks, ranging from customer service to teaching. However, some people are concerned about the possibility of unemployment and whether AI will be misused.

ChatGPT is a worldwide phenomenon. Who is aware of it? Photo: Shutterstock

In the first place, we need to keep up-to-date with the latest developments. This will allow us to make better choices and be prepared for changes. The second reason is that it is essential to learn new skills. AI will automate many jobs. Thus, it is important to learn new techniques. Thirdly, rather than seeing AI as a threat, we can utilize AI to improve our abilities and efficiency. Automating repetitive tasks can be a great way to increase productivity and free our time to do more innovative or strategic work.

Not least privacy and bias issues need to be addressed. AI must be used responsibly.

ChatGPT is it the future of learning? Students and educators debate how schools can adapt

Be aware of our neon signage

Eunice Ho Yue-yin, Pui Kiu College

Many neon signs have been removed by the government of Hong the city’s bustling streets. But is this a good idea? While some people support the preservation of this tradition Some believe that these signs are a danger to their safety.

It is similar to removing the attraction of a tourist. In reality, many Taiwanese tourists do visit Hong Kong to gaze at the amazing neon signs. While their removal may not have a major impact on the industry of tourism, however, it could be a disappointment to the many tourists who are disappointed to discover that their favorite sights have been removed.

Over the past decade, the signs in Hong Kong’s neon were not visible anymore. The photo was taken by Connor Mycroft

Neon signs are a work of art that cannot be replaced by the latest technology. These signs give Hong Kong its charm and distinctiveness. The neon signs are visible to The Peak. The signs have left their mark on our history.

Custom neon signs can cause danger for pedestrians. Many custom neon signs are damaged or in bad condition. This is an issue as many of the neon sign manufacturers are not in their best condition.

It is hard to believe that government officials can restore historical buildings, but not just a few neon signposts. They are an integral part of our history too.

The Shop’s version of Hong the famous neon signs of Hong Kong is a record both of the present as well as the past

There are pros and cons to vegetarianism

Jimmy Guan Changyi, Tsuen Wan Public Ho Chuen Yiu Memorial College

Vegetarianism is growing in popularity in recent times. It is a way of avoiding seafood and meat. Vegetarians cite a variety of reasons to choose this lifestyle, including religious, environmental, and health concerns. It comes with both pros and cons, like other lifestyle choices.

Research shows that vegetarians have lower incidences of certain kinds of cancer heart disease, certain types of cancer, as well as high blood pressure. Because a plant-based diet contains cholesterol, saturated fats, and less and more fiber, it is feasible. Vegetarian diets are efficient in weight loss. Reduced environmental impact is another benefit. The major causes of greenhouse gas emissions, water pollution, and deforestation are meat production.

However, the main concern is having enough iron and protein. While it’s possible to obtain these essential nutrients through a vegetarian diet, it is a matter of careful preparation. Additionally, a vegetarian meal can cost more than one that is meat-based.

You need to make sure that you eat a healthy diet when you decide to be a vegetarian. Photo: Shutterstock

A pandemic of obesity

Suri Chan Tin-wing, Yan Chai Hospital Law Chan Chor Si College

While everybody is delighted about the lifting of the mask ban but the pandemic has led to an increase in obesity in Hong Kong children. According to South China Morning Post, the number of obese and overweight elementary schoolchildren increased by 1.8x during the time of the pandemic.

A poor diet is one of the main causes. When we were to our homes and food delivery was available, it came in handy, which explains the rise of delivery platforms like Foodpanda as well as Deliveroo. These platforms are well-liked by kids who purchase food on the internet. Food delivered from restaurants can be harmful to our health since it usually contains a fair amount of fat, salt, and sugar. A lack of exercise is another cause. Outdoor amenities were shut down during the outbreak. Children could not play in play areas. Many people sat on the sofa for the entire day, taking online classes.

The overweight population is at risk of developing serious health conditions. This can affect our mental well-being. Low self-esteem is a common result of body anxiety.

Schools need to organize programs to encourage healthy eating habits and physical activity for students and assist them in making informed choices about their daily lives.