Neon Nooks: Discovering the Hottest Spots for Neon Signs in Your Business

Lighting for business is essential to improve brand awareness and recall. Businesses purchase and modify LED neon signs to advertise their brands. But, knowing the ideal places to put the sign on your premises is crucial as it determines if you will attract customers or not.

We are Echo Neon, our team of experts has assisted thousands of entrepreneurs and businesses to set up their neon signs. So, we know the trendy spots in your business place for neon signs. We can assist you.

Where To Hang a Business Neon Light?

These are the most ideal places for the neon sign you want to display in your company:

1. Decorate the Lobby or Reception

The lobby of your business is the place to wait and greet your guests and potential customers. As such, it is the perfect place to decorate with corporate neon lights. You can personalize a neon sign with your company’s logo or slogan, as well as a tagline, and then place it in the reception area. It will make sure it’s the first thing your guests see upon arriving at your office.

A business neon sign in the lobby can be an effective advertising tool. The sign for your business can be modified to reflect the services offered by your business. The lobby of your business will be illuminated by the LED lights of the neon sign for your business which makes it an ideal spot to greet your customers.

2. In front of The Store

A neon sign that advertises your business can be hung at the entrance of your shop. It will draw the attention of drivers and passers-by when they pass by your store. A neon sign at the front of your store will also help increase brand awareness and recall since people are not likely to remember where they last encountered a neon light due to its striking characteristics.

If you own a restaurant, you can hang neon restaurant signs in front of your place to attract hungry patrons. The trendy colors and vibrant designs of neon signs for business also make them a form of visual entertainment at night. The lighting will decorate your entrance to your business and delight your clients as they step in.

3. The Wall Behind The Countertop

Neon signs for a business look great on the wall behind your counter. The neon sign could display the name of the business on the wall in front of the counter to create an official setting. To create visual artwork or wall art you can put small neon signs for business on the wall. This set makes a great background photo for your website.

4. Let your guests see the sights

The versatility of neon signs for businesses can be utilized almost everywhere in your business place So why not make use of the signs to show your customers all around?

There is a possibility of hanging a reception” neon sign in your lobby, or a stairs neon sign in the stairway to indicate where these places are. In order to indicate the exact location of certain offices within large corporations neon signs are utilized for business. This is a trendy way to pass information to guests in and out of the building.

5. On The Roof Outside

The rooftop is one of the most effective places to maximize the impact of your business neon sign. The neon sign on the roof can be seen far away, particularly at night. People flying over the city or who live in tall buildings are able to see it.

If you wish for your business’s neon lights to reach as many customers as possible, put it on an upright pole on the roof.

But, it is essential to make sure that the neon sign is protected from elements (sunny snow, rain). To protect the neon sign you can create a transparent shade.

6. Near Sitting and Dining Areas

Attract attention from your customers by hanging a business neon sign that is hung on the wall near them. It is best to choose cute and humorous neon signs to achieve this as neon lights aren’t bright to disturb your customers or cause eye strains.

If you have a restaurant, cafe or saloon, bar or hangout place, the cool light from a business neon sign can create a relaxed atmosphere in your business place. The neon sign will beautify your space, and provide a backdrop for the photos and videos of your customers.

A great marketing method is to install an illuminated sign bearing your company’s logo or your brand’s name on the dining and sitting areas. If your customers snap pictures in front of the sign and post it on social media, it will promote the location where they hang out so that people can also visit the spot on the image.

7. By The Window

Are you looking to inform your customers that you are available? Put up a neon business display in front of the window. This technique is employed by convenience stores, bookshops and diners to draw customers.

The neon sign that is open will draw both drivers and pedestrians, especially in the evening. The glass can enhance the glow and beauty of the neon sign , too.

What is the best way to determine where to hang a neon light within your workplace?

These expert tips can help you select the ideal spot to place your business neon sign.

1. Are people able to see It?

A business neon sign’s main objective is to attract the attention of people. The ideal locations should be in clear view of everyone. This is why the rooftop and the entrance to the store are ideal spots to put up a neon business sign.

2. Are you sending the correct message?

This is a common feature on neon signs for businesses that provide directions, particularly those that are designed with arrows and names. Be sure that the arrow is pointed toward the proper part of the structure. If the sign spells “Stairs”, then the ideal spot to put it up is along the stairway.

3. Does it bother anyone?

It is important to remember that business neon signs are extremely bright, so they shouldn’t be positioned too close to anyone. If you’re looking to place the neon sign in the dining area or the seating space, you should choose neon signs with refreshing and cool colors such as blue, purple, pink, or white. These colors won’t be too bright to bother anyone.

The neon sign shouldn’t be placed too close to the people or too high on the wall. You can use the built-in dimmer and remote control on the neon sign to lower the intensity.

Are LED Neon Signs safe for business?

The LED neon signs are secure for use in business. Our business neon signs do not use any gas (neon or argon or mercury) to shine. Instead, we use LED bulbs that are low energy to create the light that is visible on the sign. LED bulbs are more secure than traditional lamps and are more environmentally friendly.

Business neon signs don’t generate heat or sound, so your customers and you don’t have to worry about that. Once the sign is installed, you can sit back and enjoy the benefits of your neon business sign with no worries.

Last words

In short, business neon signs can make your brand move further toward where you want it to be. Your shop will appear more attractive due to the chic signs’ design and colors. However, the neon sign has to be in the perfect spot to benefit from these benefits.

A neon sign for a business must be easily visible from all sides to ensure it is seen by everyone. It is important to not block the lighting and colors of the sign. You know the most effective places to purchase a neon sign for your business. Visit Echo to personalize or purchase your own sign.


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