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This section would provide an introduction to LED Neon Signs, explaining what they are, how they work, and their various components.

Light Up Your Life with Beer Neon Signs

Ever pondered the secret to infusing your space with a dash of magic that leaves an indelible impression? I’ve got an electrifying secret up my sleeve – Beer Neon Signs! Believe me, these luminous wonders are the perfect ticket to suffuse your corner with an energized and spirited vibe, echoing your distinctive persona.

Light Up Your Life with Beer Neon Signs

Uncork the Fun with Beer Neon Signs

When the mission is to encapsulate the pure spirit of easy-going fun and camaraderie, Beer Neon Signs shine in all their glory. These glowing emblems hold the power to metamorphose any ordinary space into your personalized alehouse. So, whether you’re a craft beer aficionado or merely looking to sprinkle a unique flair to your bar, a beer neon sign will hit the right note.

These signs, with their myriad shapes and sizes, ranging from straightforward beer steins to elaborate brewery insignias, are the true head-turners. And the icing on the cake? They cast a captivating glow that can orchestrate the ambiance for any gathering or event.

Time Travel with Vintage Neon Signs

For the ones with a soft spot for the classics, why not tip your hat to the golden era with vintage neon signs? These old-school relics exude an ageless allure, a whisper from an era long past. Be it a vintage beer insignia or a legendary brand logo, these signs infuse your space with a nostalgic vibe and unique character.

These signs transcend mere aesthetics; they narrate tales. Each vintage neon sign carries a narrative, a fleeting peek into yesteryears. When you bring one into your space, you’re not merely adding a decorative piece – you’re embedding a fragment of history.

Light Up Your Life with Beer Neon Signs

Transmogrify Your Space with Neon

In conclusion, beer neon signs or vintage neon signs aren’t just hip decorations – they’re a reflection of your personal style, your tastes, and the ambiance you aspire to create. They possess the magic to morph your room, bar, or even office into a domain that echoes your identity.

So, if you’re on a quest to brighten your existence in a unique and radiant manner, ponder over adding a beer neon sign or a vintage neon sign to your decor. I assure you, your space will take on a whole new persona.

Stay on the edge of your seats for more neon inspirations coming down the pipeline. Until then, keep the lights ablaze and your spirits soaring!

Bright Past: How to Choose the Perfect Vintage Neon Sign

1. Understanding the Vintage Neon Sign Appeal

Ah, there’s something about vintage neon signs that can’t quite be replicated. These pieces are more than just illuminations; they’re portals to a bygone era, exuding an atmosphere that’s simultaneously nostalgic and stylishly modern. Yet, with such a vast range of designs and options available, choosing the perfect vintage neon sign for your space can feel daunting. Worry not, my friend; you’ve stumbled upon the right guide.

Bright Past: How to Choose the Perfect Vintage Neon Sign

2. Pick Your Aesthetic

Step one in your journey is to determine the type of aesthetic you’re going for. A popular choice is the aesthetic neon sign, a versatile style that easily complements any room decor. They’re available in various shapes, letters, and designs. Consider an aesthetic neon sign in the shape of a flamingo, or perhaps a cherry – the choice is yours, and the options are practically limitless.

3. Reflect Your Interests

Your chosen sign should ideally reflect your personality or interests. Are you a music lover? Perhaps you’re an anime enthusiast? Consider music neon signs or anime neon signs, respectively. These make your space uniquely yours, and trust me, they’re great conversation starters too.

4. Evaluate the Sign’s Quality and Price

Quality and cost are two crucial factors when choosing your neon sign. No one wants a dim, barely-visible sign, nor does anyone fancy a sign that costs an arm and a leg. Research well, compare prices, and check customer reviews before making your decision. Remember, cheap neon signs don’t always mean compromised quality, and high-priced signs don’t guarantee longevity.

5. Vintage Neon Signs for Specific Spaces

Finally, consider the space where you’ll place your neon sign. For a man cave or game room, something like a beer neon sign would fit perfectly. On the other hand, if you’re sprucing up your cafe or restaurant, a coffee cup or pizza neon sign would be ideal.

Bright Past: How to Choose the Perfect Vintage Neon Sign

6. Conclusion

And there you have it, my friends! Whether you’re hunting for that perfect aesthetic neon sign or pondering over beer neon signs for your man cave, remember that choosing the perfect vintage neon sign is all about knowing your aesthetic, reflecting your interests, considering the quality and price, and understanding your space. Happy neon hunting!

Wedding Neon Signs: Adding a Vibrant Glow to Love

Setting the Stage with Wedding Neon Signs

When we think about weddings, we often imagine a serene setting filled with beautiful flowers, delicate lace, and the joyous laughter of loved ones. Recently, a new trend has taken the wedding scene by storm, adding a vibrant twist to traditional celebrations – the introduction of Wedding Neon Signs.

These glowing accents, radiating with love and warmth, have become a go-to choice for couples looking to create a memorable atmosphere at their wedding. They not only illuminate the venue but also serve as stunning backdrops for those all-important wedding photographs.

Wedding Neon Signs: Adding a Vibrant Glow to Love

Customization: Making Love Shine Bright

One of the most enticing aspects of neon signs for weddings is the potential for personalization. A Custom Neon Sign can be tailored to fit the couple’s love story, displaying their names, a significant quote, or even the wedding date in brilliant, glowing letters.

Whether it’s a simple heart design or an elaborate Name Neon Sign with the couple’s initials, these personalized elements add a unique touch to the wedding decor, making the celebration even more special.

Wedding Neon Signs: Adding a Vibrant Glow to Love

Neon Signs: Bridging Modern Aesthetics and Timeless Romance

While wedding neon signs add a contemporary vibe to the wedding decor, they also effortlessly align with the timeless nature of the occasion. Their radiating glow creates an ambiance that echoes the joy, warmth, and love inherent in every wedding celebration.

Moreover, Wedding Neon Signs aren’t just one-day wonders. Post-wedding, these signs can be repurposed to brighten up your home decor, serving as a beautiful keepsake to remember the special day.

In conclusion, the trend of Wedding Neon Signs is not just about adding a vibrant glow to your celebration, it’s about infusing your big day with a touch of personal charm and modern aesthetics. So, as you plan your wedding, consider adding this radiant element to your decor – a unique detail that will forever shine in your wedding memories.

Glowing Green: The Vibrant Allure of Neon Signs


Step into the mesmerizing realm of neon signs, where vibrant hues intertwine with captivating luminosity, resulting in an enchanting visual symphony. In this article, prepare to embark on a thrilling exploration into the captivating allure of green neon signs. Discover why these radiant beacons have magnetized individuals seeking to infuse their spaces with a profound radiance. Prepare to be captivated by the sheer beauty and inexhaustible design prospects that distinguish green neon signs as an extraordinary phenomenon. Brace yourself for an immersive journey into the resplendent world of glowing green, where the magic of neon signs unfolds.

Glowing Green: The Vibrant Allure of Neon Signs

The Luminous Beauty of Green Neon Signs:

When it comes to seizing attention and orchestrating an inviting atmosphere, green neon signs command the limelight. The mesmerizing glow they emit is a force to be reckoned with, capable of leaving one spellbound. Picture yourself stepping into a room adorned with an exuberant green neon sign, its radiant luminosity casting a soft, seductive glow across the expanse. Green, with its soothing undertones, creates a tapestry of tranquility and harmony, making it the quintessential choice for forging an atmosphere of irresistible allure.

Green Neon Signs: Symbolism and Meaning:

Colors possess a remarkable ability to convey emotions and messages, and green is no exception. In the realm of neon signs, green exudes profound symbolic significance. It embodies growth, vitality, and renewal, channeling the very essence of life’s exuberance. Symbolizing nature and the environment, green evokes feelings of freshness and harmonious resonance. By infusing your space with a green neon sign, you ignite an incandescent symphony of positive energy, culminating in a visually enthralling focal point that encapsulates profound meaning.

Design Possibilities with Green Neon Signs:

Prepare to be enthralled by the inexhaustible array of design possibilities that green neon signs unveil. Whether you seek a timeless script exuding elegance or a daringly modern motif, green neon signs can be tailored to harmonize with your style and preferences. From lush palm trees evoking verdant sanctuaries to vividly illuminated cocktails that exude vivacity, an expansive panorama of themes and styles awaits. Whether you adorn a cozy home or a bustling business, green neon signs transcend mere decor, transcending into the realm of artistry, forging an ambiance that captivates all who behold.

The Advantages of Green Neon Signs:

Beyond their aesthetic magnetism, green neon signs present practical advantages that elevate their allure. Enter LED neon signs, the epitome of contemporary and energy-efficient alternatives to traditional glass neon. These marvels of illumination offer unparalleled longevity and energy efficiency, minimizing power consumption while still exuding an iridescent vibrancy. Moreover, their flexibility and versatility empower you to fashion intricate designs, effortlessly integrating them into any space, be it a sprawling canvas or a compact corner. With proper care and maintenance, green neon signs will illuminate your surroundings, casting a luminous spell that spans years.

Finding the Perfect Green Neon Sign:

The pursuit of the ideal green neon sign demands meticulous consideration to ensure its harmonious alignment with your visionary aspirations. Delve into the realm of size, style, and brightness when embarking on this quest. Ponder the expanse of available wall space, the overarching aesthetic of your room, and the emotional landscape you seek to paint. Abound in the presence of reputable suppliers and manufacturers, a cornucopia of emporiums delivering pristine green neon signs of exceptional craftsmanship and unrivaled durability. Immerse yourself in research, exploring customer reviews, and forging a path towards the embodiment of your neon dreams.

Glowing Green: The Vibrant Allure of Neon Signs


Enter the intoxicating world of green neon signs, where an indomitable allure possesses the power to transfigure any space into a vibrant, beckoning sanctuary. From their resplendent luminosity to the symbolic tapestry they weave, these radiant beacons offer an otherworldly and captivating visual experience. Whether you aspire to infuse your home with a radiant radiance or set your business ablaze with a mesmerizing statement, green neon signs stand as gateways to boundless design possibilities. Unleash your spirit into the enchanting realm of glowing green and allow the vibrant allure of neon signs to illuminate your existence.

We trust that this article has illuminated the captivating allure of green neon signs, encouraging you to traverse the extraordinary world of neon and awaken your creative forces. Brace yourself as your surroundings metamorphose, breathing with an effervescent verve ignited by the resplendent glow of green radiance.

What Color is a Neon Light?

1. Introduction

Neon lights have been illuminating our cities and businesses for over a century. But have you ever wondered how these lights get their vibrant colors? This blog post will take you through the science behind neon lights and their colors.

What Color is a Neon Light?

2. What is Neon and How Does it Work?

Neon is a noble gas, discovered in 1898 by William Ramsey and M.W. Travers. It was the first gas used to make light, which is why all gas-filled tubes are now called neon lights. These lights can last between 8 and 15 years and are primarily used as neon signs.

When an electrical current is applied to a neon light tube, the atoms belonging to the gas are knocked out of their orbit. The free electrons collide with each other and are sent back to the atoms. As the free electrons are absorbed by the atoms, they produce energy, which in turn produces light.

3. How Do Neon Lights Get Their Color?

Each gas used in neon lights has its own color. Neon is red, helium is orange, argon is lavender, krypton is gray or green, mercury vapor is light blue, and xenon is gray or blue. Mixing gases and elements added to a neon light create different hues. Baking fluorescent powders onto the inside walls of the glass tubes also modifies the colors and shades of the finished neon sign. Colored glass tubes are also used for the same effect.

4. The History of Neon Lighting

The very first neon sign used for advertising in the United States was introduced in 1925. Neon signs can contain as many colors as the designer wants, using a combination of straight gas, mixed gases and elements, colored glass tubing, and fluorescent tubing. Each letter or element of the sign is made separately and kept sealed from the rest of the sign. This allows many different colors to exist in one sign.

5. Benefits and Features of Neon Lighting

Neon lights are durable, versatile in design and color options, and cost-effective compared to other lighting options. They are also energy-efficient, making them a popular choice for businesses and individuals alike.

6. How to Make a Neon Sign: A DIY Guide

Making a neon sign can be a fun and rewarding DIY project. You’ll need some materials and a basic understanding of how neon lights work. Remember to always follow safety precautions when working with electricity and gases.

What Color is a Neon Light?

7. Conclusion

Understanding the science behind neon lighting not only satisfies our curiosity but also opens up a world of creative possibilities. Whether you’re thinking about making your own neon sign or just want to appreciate the beauty of neon lights a little more, knowing how they work and get their colors is a great start.

How to Build Your Own LED Neon Sign: A Step-by-Step Guide


LED neon signs are a cool, stylish, and versatile type of signage. They catch the eye with their colorful illuminated designs and stand out both during the day and the night. The best part? You can make an LED neon sign all on your own by following some quick and easy steps.

How to Build Your Own LED Neon Sign: A Step-by-Step Guide

What Are LED Neon Signs?

Typical neon signs are made using glass tubes filled with inert gases such as neon or halogen. When an electric current passes through these gases, their atoms get activated and become illuminated. LED neon signs solve the design problems of typical neon lighting. As opposed to using glass tubes, they are made using LED neon flex lights which are more affordable, flexible, and durable. They also offer more consistent lighting, unlike inert gas which can be more intense in some parts than others.

What Do You Need To Make an LED Neon Sign?

The shopping list for an LED neon sign DIY project is much shorter than one would expect. You will need:

  • LED neon flex lights
  • A base or substrate
  • Wire cutters
  • Conductor wire
  • A spool of thread
  • A soldering iron
  • Hand-held drill
  • Adhesive

Designing the Sign

Using bendable LED neon flex lights gives you creative latitude when choosing the design of your sign. They can be cut into various lengths to create whatever shape you hope to achieve. You can draw your sign sketch on the substrate by hand or use other methods like CAD or Illustrator applications. Be sure to space your letters sufficiently given as LED neon flex lights are jacketed and thus are slightly thick.

Making the Sign

Once you have gathered everything that you need, it is finally time to bring your LED neon light sign to life. Here is a step-by-step guide to help do just that:

  1. Place your sign sketch on a work surface
  2. Use the thread to outline the sketch
  3. Cut a portion of the LED neon flex lights
  4. Place the LED neon flex lights on the sketch
  5. Drill holes at the end of each strip
  6. Solder the conductor wire between each section of LED neon flex lights
  7. Conceal the connection
  8. Glue the LED neon flex lights in place
  9. Plug and play – once all sections are firmly and safely connected to the power source, turn on your sign, and enjoy.
How to Build Your Own LED Neon Sign: A Step-by-Step Guide


The right LED flex neon lights are the secret to great LED neon flex signs. Once you find a top-notch LED neon flex lights supplier, everything else will fall into place. Your signs will be the envy of many.

The Magic of Neon Lights: A Splash of Chemistry


Ever wondered how neon lights work? Let’s dive into the fascinating world of neon lights and unravel the science behind their bright, glowing allure.

The Magic of Neon Lights: A Splash of Chemistry

The Basic Components:

At the heart of every neon light, there are two main parts: a glass tube and neon gas. This tube is hollow and is usually shaped into letters or designs. The neon gas fills the tube and creates the glow we all know and love.

The Role of Electricity:

Here’s where things get interesting. When you switch on a neon light, electricity flows through the tube. Now, think of this electricity as a crowd of people – rushing through the tube. As they run, they bump into the neon gas atoms. This collision excites the atoms, causing them to light up. And voila! You have your neon glow.

Understanding the Glow:

But why does neon glow that specific bright red-orange? It all comes down to the energy levels of neon atoms. When the atoms get excited, they release energy in the form of light. The energy level of neon results in that vibrant red-orange light we associate with neon signs.

The Role of Other Gases:

While neon gives us a stunning red-orange light, what about other colors? That’s where other gases come into play. For example, helium can produce a yellow light, while argon can produce a blue light. By combining different gases, we can create a rainbow of neon lights!

The Magic of Neon Lights: A Splash of Chemistry


So, there you have it! The magic of neon lights isn’t really magic at all, but a beautiful dance of atoms and energy. Next time you see a neon sign, you’ll know the science behind its radiant glow.

Remember, science is all around us, even in the most unexpected places. Stay curious and keep exploring, and you’ll find a world of wonders right in front of your eyes!

Why You Should Avoid LED Lights at Night: European Health Authority Explains How They Affect Your Eyes and Sleep

The blue light that is a part of LED neon signs lighting that’s increasingly used in our homes can damage the eye’s retina while disrupting our biological as well as sleep cycles as the French health agency warned in a report.

According to the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety (known as ANSES) New research has proven the “phototoxic effects” of short-term exposures to high-intensity light. Additionally, there is an increased likelihood of developing age-related macular disease from chronic exposure to sources with lower intensity. Age-related Macular Degeneration is the most common cause of vision loss among people over 50. It can cause damage to the macula (a tiny spot at the central part of your retina that is necessary for sharp central vision).

But the protection from damaging effects on the retina offered by “anti-blue light” filters, screens, and sunglasses is not the same, and their ability to keep sleep rhythms intact isn’t proven, ANSES also said.

Lighting 101

LED neon signs or light-emitting diodes are made up of a semiconductor placed on a reflective surface; when electricity passes through the semiconductor, the light gets produced.

Blue light itself is not new. Sunlight produces blue light that is more energetic than other wavelengths in the light spectrum. Old-fashioned lightbulbs also produced blue light, but less than what is emitted by energy-efficient curlicue (fluorescent) lightbulbs, also known as LEDs.

LED neon signs are “undergoing rapid technological and economic advancement as a brand new source of light. In the past, they were used only in electronics but are now found as integral parts of lighting systems” ANSES wrote in a 2016 report. Today, LEDs are employed for both domestic and commercial purposes. as industrial and commercial ones.

According to the US Department of Energy, LED products are being used more extensively in the United States. This is a good development regarding energy use since they use a lot less energy per lumen than traditional lighting technology. Market adoption of LED lighting is increasing and will represent 48% of total lumen-hour sales by 2020 and 84% by 2030, according to the agency’s estimates.

ANSES recognizes the different kinds of blue light within its report. For instance, “warm white” domestic LED lighting poses weak phototoxicity dangers, which is similar to traditional lighting, says the ANSES. However, other LED lighting sources like the latest flashlights, car headlights, and some toys, produce a whiter and “colder” blue light that’s more harmful.

Additional scientific evidence

An American study also outlined blue light’s “increasingly prominent” role in our modern world. The study’s lead researcher Gianluca Tosini, Professor and chief scientific research officer at Atlanta’s Morehouse School of Medicine, stated that blue light may damage the eyes, but only if the wavelength is less than 455 nanometers, and the intensity is high.

“There are photoreceptors that emit blue light in the retina that directly communicate with the brain circadian clock,” Tosini, who was not part of the ANSES report sent an email. It’s real that exposure to light during the evening can influence the circadian rhythms of sleep in a variety of ways, including reducing the production of the sleep-promoting hormone Melatonin.

He also stated that some studies have proven that exposure to blue light during the middle hours of the day could improve alertness.

Janet Sparrow, a professor of Ophthalmic sciences at Columbia University, wrote in an email that “blue light is believed to help individuals to maintain the rhythms of their day that allow the body to rest.”

The retina “accumulates fluorescent molecules, commonly referred to as lipofuscin,” explained Sparrow, who was not involved in the ANSES report. “These compounds are more abundant as you age, and they are more sensitive to blue light.” Early evidence suggests that this light sensitivity could cause poor optical responses over time she added.

Tosini said that researchers believe that exposure to LED blue light with a wavelength of 470-480 nanometers over a brief to medium duration (days to weeks) should not significantly increase the risk of developing an eye disease, however, this is not necessarily true for exposure that lasts for a long time (months to years).

He said he believes that further research is required to better understand the issue, which is affecting many people’s health. Intelligent lighting systems that can alter the composition of light during the day may be an answer to the blue light problem the doctor said.

An unrelated review of studies in the field also provides evidence to the ANSES report that the use of sunglasses and filters might not provide us with the protection we need. The review examined the possible positives or disadvantages of “blue-blocking” lenses, which are advertised to protect against phototoxicity, and found “an absence of quality evidence” to support their use “for the general public to improve their the quality of sleep or performance in the eyes and reduce fatigue in the eyes or preserve the health of our eyes.”

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Sparrow declared that sunglasses don’t block ultraviolet light and that those with a yellow tint are better because they reduce the amount of light reaching the retina.

ANSES believes that the highest amount of exposure to blue light should be reduced even though the majority of people aren’t able to reach it. The French agency pointed out that teenagers and children are especially sensitive to blue light as their eyes do not filter it fully. The authority in France recommended that consumers only use low-risk LED devices and that the brightness of the headlights of cars should be reduced.

What Happens When You Touch a Neon LED Sign? A Guide for Curious Minds

Many are worried about what could happen if they touch a Neon LED sign.

Anyone can be touched by LED neon signs. That’s because custom-made Neon LED signage produces minimal heat.

This means that they are safe to touch if you do. What’s more, these are completely different from neon signs which heat up more and are risky to handle when on.

That’s the reason Neon LED signage is growing in popularity at a rapid rate among businesses as well as households.

Can You Touch a Neon LED Sign?

There’s no reason not to. Both the environment and the human population are safe from neon LED signs.

Its light production allows it to generate enough heat while also reducing the amount of heat it produces when it’s active. It can be touched with no worry (only when it is necessary). It can be a result of cleaning or adjustments.

They are also more robust. Glass breaks are not feasible because of overheating. Therefore, you can agree that there are little to no risks.

Yet, please make sure you have a professional install the signs on your behalf, and that you use the Neon LED signs with attention.

Are neon LED signs dangerous?

The research shows that the advantages outweigh the negatives. They have been proven to be more environmentally friendly than their counterparts.

LED neon signs can now be custom-designed with distinct designs, styles, and feels. Modern technology and manufacturing methods can create distinctive designs. It’s not the same as conventional neon signs.

Here are more reasons why neon LED signs aren’t dangerous to your space and everything in it. These are all possible reasons to move away from conventional neon signs.

1. Improved Construction

The LED neon signs are made of a mixture of plastic, acrylic as well as LED light bulbs. They also consist of many small individual bulbs.

There’s so much craftsmanship involved in its design, construction, and manufacturing.

You can decide what is best for you. The result is a glowing and bright appearance without the use of neon gas or argon. The light isn’t requiring fragile gas like in conventional neon lights.

2. Plenty of brightness

In an age where people are more conscious about their eyesight, LED neon lights are an attractive option. The lights are visible throughout the day.

The clarity of their images is amazing and it is possible to read them from a distance with ease. Unfortunately, traditional neon signs are blurry if looking at them from an extended distance.

3. Affordable Price

Everyone wants lighting to be extraordinary. But, the light must also save as much money as possible during buying and installation.

LED neon signs are less expensive than traditional neon signs. They are additionally less costly to operate as compared to conventional neon signs. They require little maintenance.

4. Space-saving

Most traditional neon signages are thicker than LED neon signs. Their thickness is what distinguishes the amount of space they consume.

Older designs had tubes that had to be extended further from the backing. This creates a depth of 3 to 5 inches deep.

This differs from LED neon signs, which are one inch thick. They can be made in any size that fits your needs and space.

5. Environmentally-safe

LED neon signs are green and consume fewer watts. They use six to 10 percent less energy than other neon signs in studies.

They emit less heat, and they are cool to the feel. This contrasts with neon gas signs.

Since they consume less energy, they’re cheap to run and maintain. Additionally, Neon LED signs don’t emit harmful gases like argon.

Is touching an LED Sign Your Body Burning?

There aren’t any dangers of burning by touching LED neon lights. Yet, it is a primary concern amongst most potential buyers, and I can understand why.

You must be able to understand the construction of neon LED signs. They are quite similar to conventional neon signs. However, the materials and mechanisms utilized in these signs are distinctly different.

Many people believe that LED neon signs are dangerous because they contain numerous small bulbs. It is an illusion!

The lights that they use are more efficient. They emit less heat into the room and will not get hot to the point of burning the user.

I would describe their temperature as moderate. If you have floor signage It’s very small and won’t cause any harm to a baby.

LED neon signs are therefore safer to touch and pose no danger of burning. Importantly, however, they must be put in place properly.

All LED neon signs made by us are high-quality. If you’re not confident in your electrical skills You can always seek help from a professional.

NeonCraftsman is a business that puts safety and quality first. We do not play on the construction materials in the name of our client’s safety and comfort.

How Do You Take Care of Your Neon LED Sign to Make It Safer?

1. Clean Your Neon LED Sign

The weather and the location will determine how often you wash your home. But activities and personal preferences are also factors to consider.

In time, signs get dirty and accumulate. Therefore, the first thing you need to do when you want to maintain your signage is to clean it thoroughly.

Professional help is needed If your signs are bigger than average. Experts can assist you in cleaning and maintaining the NeonLED sign. They will do it without harming them.

2. Check Your Neon LED Sign to determine if There are any Damages

After you have cleaned your sign, make sure you inspect it for structural and cosmetic damages. It is possible to seek help from a professional when you spot an issue.

It is important to be aware of dimming and flickering lighting on outdoor LED neon signs. Chipped paint and rust are the other two. Other signs are cracks, holes, and discoloration.

Damage to the physical structure will indicate that you need to check the lights in-depth for any deeper problems. Be aware of rusty fixtures and damaged or dirty bulbs.

Another cause of concern is faulty wires. However, do not attempt to fix any wire in the absence of technical know-how. It’s risky for you and your sign.

Seek professional help whenever you’re unsure about what to do. This is to ensure the safety and durability of your LED neon sign.

3. Upgrade Your Signage Installation

How old is your LED neon sign? Do you think it’s as old as your home or your business? It could be time to consider an upgrade.

There can be so much effort involved in choosing the right LED neon sign to fit your space. The brightness of LED signs can be enhanced by changing old signs with more modern ones.

Additionally, you’ll save on electricity or energy costs. LED neon signs are visible to customers and attract more interest. The signs are visible from a greater distance and visitors are more likely to come in.

It is possible to replace all of the lighting in your area with LED neon signs for more effectiveness. Because they’re more bright and more appealing, it is also easier to install.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Installing a Neon Sign

Many customers have ordered neon signs from us but don’t know how to put them up. There are different options depending on what you need the sign for. This article will discuss common options for neon signs and explain how to install them.

There are four main ways to mount a sign.

  • Mounting screws on walls (Drilling may be required).
  • Hanging or suspending using wires. Drilling is unnecessary and can be done easily.
  • A table is provided with support.
  • Attaching to the surface by a 3M strip. No drilling is required.


These are some tips before you install.

How to mount a neon led sign using mounting screws

How to hang a neon led sign?

How do I make a neon led sign sit on a table?

How to fix the neon led sign temporarily for an event without drilling?

How to conceal neon sign wires

How do you operate a neon sign and control it with a remote?


1. If your sign is particularly large, get help from a friend.

2. Keep your sign in place and watch out for falls.

3. Place your sign somewhere safe to prevent scratching and damage.

4. You can now display your sign on an acrylic board, instead of carrying wires.

5. Only after installation, connect the sign to the electricity.


Mounting screws, our default choice, is the most widely used option. It is ideal for mounting screws on surfaces such as walls or flower/grass backgrounds. The surface must be drillable. Mounting screws are required to secure your neon sign. Once it is installed, it can’t be moved around. Let’s say you need to move it one day.


Place the neon sign against a wall. Use a pencil to mark the spot through the holes in the acrylic board.


Make sure to drill holes at the marked spots. Please drill slowly, and steadily.


The wall anchor should be inserted into the holes. Next, drill the screw through to the hollow base and into the wall anchor.


Install your neon sign by placing a cushion over the screw nut. Check that the holes in the acrylic board are aligned with the screws nut.

Connect the crew to the acrylic backboard with a cushion and then tighten the screw.



The hanging wires can be used to suspend a neon sign from an archway, front window, or door. Hanging wires can be installed easily by anyone, but we recommend hiring someone for larger sizes. Most importantly, it doesn’t require you to drill holes if not desired.

You can simply pass the wires over the holes on the acrylic board to hang your neon sign in any way you want.


A stand is needed to place the neon sign on a table so that it can be moved around easily. This option is perfect for bedroom tables or wedding reception tables. This is the easiest method to install neon signage. Just place your sign on a stand.



3M strips can be used to attach your neon sign to the wall without leaving holes.

  • Take the strip apart and click it together.
  • Take one liner out and stick it to the acrylic back.
  • Peel off the excess liner, and stick your neon sign to the wall.
  • Remove the neon sign from your wall and press each piece firmly.
  • Wait for 1 hour before you realign your neon sign to


CandyNeon’s hanging cables don’t require drilling. As mentioned in the hanging wires section, simply pass the wires through holes in the acrylic board to hang your neon sign as you,, please.


CandyNeon neon signs come with a 1.5m of plug adapter (1.5m clear cable) and 2m clear cable. These are necessary to power the neon sign. Two methods can be used to conceal the wires.


CandyNeon offers acrylic boards in white, silver, gold mirror, and gold mirror colors. Colored acrylic boards allow you to hide the wires.


You will need an electrician if you plan to hard-wire the cable to the wall. By doing so, you won’t be able to control the light on/off/brightness/flashing with a remote, as the led controller won’t respond to the remote through the wall. The electrician could still connect the neon sign to a light switch, allowing you to turn on/off your lights.


After you’ve installed your neon sign, connect it to power.

1. Check that there are batteries in your remote.

2. Connect one end of the led controller to a clear cable.

3. Connect the other side to the adapter

4. Control light on/off/brightness/flashing by remote.

It doesn’t matter which option you choose for installation, it’s extremely easy to use. You don’t have to worry about neon sign installation is difficult. The product is already in your possession so you can easily install it as you,, please. The instructions given are only suggestions. Many of our customers simply use the supplied accessories and install them as they see fit.

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