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Illuminate Your Space: 5 Unique Custom Neon Sign Ideas for Home or Office

Neon signs have become a popular trend for adding an individual touch to any setting. Custom neon signs can create a stunning atmosphere. From warm homes to vibrant nightclubs, custom-made neon signs are a fantastic option to give your space a modern, cosmopolitan style. With the assistance of custom neon sign makers, like Mondo Neon It is more simple than ever before to find the perfect neon sign to meet your needs. This blog will demonstrate how you can use a custom neon to add a unique touch to your home or office.

1. Neon Signs for Home

A custom neon sign can add some pizzazz to a space. They can be used to stand out or establish the mood, or simply make a room look more appealing. However, it is important to keep in mind that when you are using custom neon signs at home, it is important to ensure that the sign matches the decor and matches your purpose. It is essential to take into consideration why you are using the sign in neon and what effect you wish it to bring. It can be used as an art piece in a space or to create a tranquil atmosphere while relaxing at night. It is important to consider these aspects when choosing the design of your custom neon sign.

2. Bedroom Neon Signs

It isn’t easy to create a tranquil and comfortable bedroom when space is limited. By making just a few adjustments, you can transform your bedroom into a tranquil and comfortable place. Add signs with special significance to your bedroom. The signs, regardless of whether they’re motivational phrases or artwork, could add a personal touch to your bedroom. It is also possible to create personalized neon signs to inspire you to work harder in your office corner.

3. Neon-colored signs for the Living Room

A custom neon sign for your living room lets you express your personality. Neon signs are bright and vibrant and can be designed to fit any persona. Not only do customized neon signs look great and look great, but they also subtlely convey your message to your guests, showing them that you’re confident and have a unique style.

4. Neon Signs for the Guest Room

Are you looking to make your house even more inviting for guests? The perfect way to give your home a unique touch is by utilizing personalized neon signs. Not only do they provide a warm and inviting environment, however, but they can also be personalized to reflect your style and fashion. With the help of Mondo Neon, you can pick from a vast variety of custom neon signs to improve the appearance and feel of your room. Mondo Neon provides a broad range of custom neon signs, which include inspirational messages, welcoming messages, and more.

5. Neon Signs for Hotels & Restaurants

Custom neon signage is the perfect method to provide customers with the best experience. Custom neon signage is an excellent way to enhance any hotel or restaurant. They can create a welcoming atmosphere at the front entrance, as well as an inviting atmosphere in the dining room. They’re not just attractive but also have a long lifespan and are low on energy costs.

Signage with neon lights can help guide patrons in a restaurant or hotel. Custom-designed neon signs are a fantastic option to provide directional lighting to customers, helping them quickly and efficiently find their way to bathrooms, cash counters, stairs, and many more. These signs not only aid customers to locate the information they’re seeking but make it less necessary to inquire about directions.

Your customers will appreciate a customized neon sign that says “Hello!” or “Thank You!” They are not only courteous and considerate, but they are also stylish and trendy. Additionally, regardless of anniversary celebrations, birthdays or Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any other special day customized neon signs can be a fantastic one-time investment that will make your customers feel special.

5. Neon Signs for Offices

The name you choose for your company plays a major role in the formation of your company’s brand. It must not just be simple to pronounce and remember, but additionally convey your company’s values, work ethic, area of expertise, and accomplishments. Your tagline or logo can be enhanced by the use of a neon sign. They should be a reflection of the mission and goals of your company. A neon sign can also make a stylish and professional interior, ensuring that your workspace is beautiful and warm.


Neon signs are no longer only limited to bright street lights of a city. They are now becoming increasingly sought-after in retail stores, homes offices, workplaces, and other professional environments. When you’re renovating your office, home, or any other place, neon signs are a great way to give a bit of personality and style to any space. With the use of custom neon signs, you’ll be able easily to make an impact and stand out from the crowd.

Neon Open Signs: The Secret to Drawing in Customers and Boosting Your Bottom Line

Love the thought of using a custom neon sign that you can customize to find more customers? We do too! It’s only natural you would put some thought into creating a neon sign that will instantly pique the attention of people passing by to your products or services. Neon open signs are an excellent instrument to assist startups grow. They attract attention, and can connect the owners to the people they need to do so. You’re looking for a sign that will stand out and add a ray of light (and life) to your company. to a new locale it’s impossible to do better than a custom neon open sign.

1. Brand Promise

Open signs with neon have been a major success in the business world. And this design really speaks for its own. The number of people that can see this neon sign will be endless due to its timeless square design and the assurance that it will never be shut off. It’s all about numbers!

2. Competition

Does your company tell an interesting story? Copywriting can help you design amazing designs. Your neon open sign can be more appealing and engaging by having a well-designed design. Make use of every inch available to suggest that your business has more to offer inside. Design that is strong will inspire individuals to keep moving forward.

3. Eye-catching

Neon sign lifestyle images are often more appealing and effective than standard product photos. Utilizing social media to share and share high-quality photos of your neon open sign will allow you to be found on relevant search results, ensuring you get more attention more than before!

Make Your Celebration Stand Out with One-of-a-Kind Neon Light Designs

The lights are dim, and the music is blazing, but guests will not enjoy the most enjoyable time at your event if you do not add something special to the event. Custom Neon Lighting creates a spectacular atmosphere and shine with multicolored brilliance. They can also send an e-mail across the space. No matter if you pick a pre-designed option like Echo Neon’s rainbow or snowflake, or go for a stylish script word or phrase, you know the guests at your event will appreciate the appearance.

Decorations for Parties Every Fun Event

The image people have when they hear “party” can differ wildly between one person and the next. Many people imagine flashing lights, loud music, and a club atmosphere while others may think of childhood birthday parties. Still, more people imagine elegant dining, with a touch of romance and class.

Some events may be more appropriate for custom-designed neon lighting. With a variety of unique styles and options to enhance your party’s look and feel at a fair price. You should consider using LED neon as part of your party decor when you’re planning an event of a different kind.

Examples of Words and Phrases to Use

The words and phrases you select for your personalized neon lights are based on many aspects. What message do you want to communicate to your guests attending your event? What names do you want to use to tell everyone who to celebrate with? Maybe it’s a special celebration like a birthday or anniversary, and those words alone would deliver the message.

For a wedding, engagement celebration, or reception, think of words like Love, Romance, Forever, and the names of the couple who are happy. The year in the school colors could add a unique element to the graduation celebration. It’s not necessary to use the typical Happy Birthday for a birthday. Perhaps you would like an individual sign that reads Make a Wish to be hung on the cake table. There are a lot of options.

Custom Neon Lighting Provides a Variety of Benefits

Your message is conveyed in a very powerful way through the neon LED sign. Other benefits are to using this kind of lighting at your next celebration or event. For starters, you will have an illumination source that will highlight a happy couple, a birthday cake, the entryway, or a special display that is specifically crafted to celebrate the event. Additionally, you will impress guests with your incredible decorating abilities.

Echo Neon offers affordable and unique neon wall art, signs, and other items that help you make an impression. Anyone who is attending the next event will appreciate the extra effort to purchase custom neon lights you can keep for a lifetime.

Upgrade Your Gym’s Aesthetics and Visibility with LED Neon Signs

Many things are employed to create a good ambience in gyms. To serve different functions the fitness area requires the finest lighting. A good lighting will also fill the entire gym with illumination. Members of gyms must be able to complete their workouts. This creates a setting which is comfortable for the people who exercise in gyms. Also, good gym lighting will not cause stress or eye strain. It also offers safety by preventing injuries while working out. This helps those with poor vision to do various exercises correctly. Design your gym with attractive lighting.

The use of lighting can draw attention to specific areas within your fitness center. Nowadays, the use of neon sign is increasing to decorate gyms. Signs with neon lights can be used to display images and quotes with vibrant shades. The lighting is available in a variety of sizes and designs. Neon signs are used for decoration and advertisement. Numerous businesses have benefited from this type of lighting to draw more customers. It is possible to create neon signs that are unique to your business. You can make your gym look attractive by using an LED sign. In this article, you will look over the specifications for the neon gym sign that is LED:

Neon LED Signs for Gyms

A LED neon sign is ideal for advertising and decorating fitness centers, gyms and fitness marquees, and fitness studios. A LED neon gym sign creates a relaxing environment in the gym. You can make use of motivational neon signs to inspire and inspire customers to exercise. The lighting provides a relaxing environment for the gym members to exercise. It is possible to use the LED neon sign to be used to use both indoors and outdoors. The gym’s wall will look like a piece of art. The gym could be made brighter and colored with a LED neon sign. You can also use the lights outside of your gym to attract more customers. The neon signs for your gym are LED and attract the attention of customers quickly. The use of neon signs can be used for home decor, business advertisements, wedding gifts and more. The LED neon sign to advertise a gym is composed of LED lights, PVC tubes, and acrylic backing.

You can purchase this lighting at an online store for neon. There, you can purchase a neon LED sign at an affordable original price. These neon signs that are pre-made are best for gym decor: never give up neon sign Biceps neon sign dumbbell neon sign Rise and grind neon sign, never give up neon sign, eat sleep gym repetitious neon sign, be an a** with a great neon sign that screams ass, etc. You need to think about certain things before buying a gym sign. You have to consider the design and color of the LED neon sign prior to purchasing it. The neon sign should appear best at your gym. You can also purchase LED gym neon signs depending on your budget. The most effective neon sign to buy is one that can be controlled via remote or dimming. Make sure you select the correct size for your gym sign.

Customized neon signs for Gyms

Individuals can design custom neon signs for their gyms. Custom neon signs can be made to incorporate any text, artwork or design. You can also choose any font, size, color and size. The options aren’t available for neon gym signs that are pre-made. Custom neon signs are best to add a personal look to your gym. Signs that are custom-designed for neons are constructed using LED light bulbs as well as PVC tubes. A Custom neon gym sign helps a gym stand out from other gyms. Online neon stores permit users to design their own custom neon signs. The customization tool they offer allows you to create your personal neon sign. This tool also allows you to add any inspirational phrases on your personalized gym neon sign. You can create a custom sign that displays your gym’s name or logo.

If you need to make any modifications to your custom neon sign, get in touch with the store. When your custom neon sign is ready you can add it to the cart’s subtotal checkout. There are more payment options to buy this lighting. Thus, create a customized neon sign to your gym at reasonable cost.

Advantages Of LED Gym Neon Signs

Find out more about the advantages of LED neon signage for gyms here:

  1. It is possible to use LED neon sign at your gym safely. It is safe because it is not contaminated with hazardous gases or fragile glass. It isn’t easy to break. Also, LED neon signs do not cause much heat and sound like conventional neon signs. LED neon signs don’t cause harm to gym users. It is important to provide a relaxing space for all.
  2. Installation of LED neon gym signage in gyms is simple. The lighting comes with an acrylic backing with pre-drilled holes to allow for the installation. LED gym neon signs are best for hanging or mounting on a wall. Many online neon sign sellers provide installation kits with their neon signs. LED gym neon sign are significantly less heavy than glass neon signs.
  3. You can save energy with an LED gym neon sign. The gym neon LED sign consumes less energy to light the gym. LED neon signs do not require a lot of electricity as typical glass neon signs. They do not add to the cost of electricity for sign-ups. The LED neon gym signs are not harmful to the environment.
  4. Gym owners can make use of LED neon signs for the duration of. This lighting is long-lasting as it comes with LED lights as well as PVC tubing. A neon gym sign made of LEDs also require very little maintenance. The life span of an LED gym neon sign can last greater than seven years. However, it is important to take care of this lighting.
  5. You can draw more clients to your gym by putting up an LED neon sign. This sign draws people’s attention fast. It is also noticeable by anyone who sees this light from a far distance.

Cost And Delivery Of The Gym’s LED Neon Signs

The cost of the LED gym neon sign is dependent on its size, letters and designs. Online neon shops provide this light at a low cost. The LED gym neon signs are cost-effective as they do not require the maintenance of a traditional sign and consume less electricity. Online neon stores can provide quick delivery for customers.

The neon signs are created and shipped in between two and three weeks. They are then delivered at the doorsteps of customers. They provide a warranty for a minimum of one year on the electronic elements of their neon signs.

Gym Neon Signs FAQs

Q1. What fonts are available for LED gym neon signs?

Ans. The neon gym signs that are LED are available with different font options. The most suitable fonts for these lights include block, cursive, and double-lined fonts.

Q2. Can I Add An Image On A LED Gym Neon Sign?

Ans. You can add any image you want to an LED neon sign. You can share the image via an online neon store and then they can create an individual neon sign that has UV printed acrylic backing.

Q3. What are the color options For LED Gym Neon Signs?

Ans. These are the best choices of colors for neon lights for gyms that glow in the LED light including blue, yellow orange, red, purple, white, green mint, black turquoise, etc.

Q4. What is the time frame to deliver LED neon sign?

Ans. The sellers of online neon signs ship the neon items in 3-7 days. They also offer fast shipping options to their customers.

Q5. Q5. What happens if I get a neon sign for a gym that is damaged?

Ans. You are able to return or exchange the neon sign if it is damaged. Contact the customer support team at the online neon shop to report the item that is damaged.

The Best in Bridal Beauty: The Top 5 Neon Signs for the Perfect Wedding Ambiance

Weddings are special events in everyone’s life. Weddings are a special event that happens only once and people want to ensure that everything is perfect. This would include signage and decor.

Why is Neon?

Why are so many couples choosing to use custom-designed neon wedding signage? Why should you choose this choice?

It’s a definite yes! Because it’s probably the best decoration piece you could ever have at a wedding party. Let’s look at the top reasons why a custom neon sign is the most appropriate choice for a wedding.

Neon lighting enhances the overall theme of the wedding

Custom neon signs make your wedding more exciting. You can enhance your wedding while adding class and elegance. Neon signs are not only beautiful but also make for beautiful decor.

Portable LED neon light

The neon sign is incredibly light and therefore makes it easy to move about. You can carry it around, carry it, or even place it on the wall. Custom LED neon signs are extremely portable and convenient for decorating your wedding location.

Neon light can be versatile

Since neon light fixtures can be customized, their use is endless! You can use the lights to write a message and direct people to the dance floor or bar or even to frame your wedding cake, or even write the names of the happy couple. The neon sign could also be used at an engagement party! For engagement party ideas please take a look at our top-selling neon light collection.

Custom neon signs communicate your message, or even theme flawlessly and in a short amount of period. It is easier to understand for visitors when they first encounter it.

In addition, since neon signs are lightweight, it can be erected on entranceways, walls,, or dance floors to lighten darker areas with light!

Led neon signs are customizable by your requirements

Customizable neon signs are available. It can be customized with the colors of your wedding, your message,, or even the name of the newlyweds. You can have the neon sign customized to fit the theme of your wedding.

A powerful neon sign could create an ambiance for your wedding reception or ceremony

Neon lighting is extremely bright and will light up the wedding venue in a perfect way. They are great for lighting at night receptions, creating the perfect atmosphere for you to party. Your guests will be amazed by the way you’ve put such a classy touch to your wedding location. The design of a neon-lit sign can be very attractive. Placing one on the wall or over the table for your reception will create an immediate impression on your guests.

You can select from a range of Led neon lights available at our online shop.

You will be remembered after your wedding because of the decor you choose.

It is simple to clean a led light

It is easy to clean a neon sign. It’s all you need is an old towel, and you’re done. They are shatterproof and very strong, so they can last for years.

Could be used to create a keepsake following the wedding

You can take home your light fixture as a wonderful keepsake. You can decorate your office, home, or even your garden with this beautiful neon light. It’s stunning and can be put up at work or in your home.

Custom neon signs are customized with your name as well as wedding themes, colors, and messages. These wonderful keepsakes will remind you of your special wedding event every day.

An Led neon light is extremely long-lasting

You can be confident that the materials that are used to create our neon signs are high-quality and durable. Our Led neon signs are designed to last for a long time without the need to be repaired or replaced. They’re the perfect option to decorate your wedding.

After your wedding is done you can turn the neon light into a night light. Make a romantic moment with your loved one with a neon sign.

What are the criteria to select a neon sign?

If you are considering the perfect wedding neon sign there are a few factors to think about. Let’s review some suggestions to follow when choosing the right one for your event.

Make it custom-designed to match the color scheme of the wedding

It may seem easy, but you need to customize your sign to match the theme and colors of your wedding. You don’t want it to look sloppy! It is something to be thinking about. What do you prefer? classic or modern? Be sure to keep these questions in mind when selecting a neon sign.

The placement of light sources is important

It is essential to keep track of the location you’d like to place your neon wedding signage before making a decision. It’s important to select the appropriate size for your place, so be sure to look at all relevant measurements of the wall or stand before deciding on the neon sign. You can design a custom light by visiting our customizing section where you can discover numerous suggestions to guide you on your journey.

Our online shop has many neon signs for you to pick from. You’ll be spoiled for choice with the stunning styles and styles which are available. We also offer customized lighting options, where you can design your very own personal Neon sign images to suit your preferences in style!

The glow of neon lights can bring excitement and increase the glamour of your event. the neon sign will last for a long time making it an excellent investment that will last well even after the wedding has ended.

The price of a neon sign is low in comparison to other decor options, so it’s a budget-friendly option.

You can browse through a selection of neon signs suitable for your wedding at our online shop or you can make one on your own using our design tool on our website. We have a wide range of sign templates to choose from, each unique in its unique way.

Check out our online shop which has various unique neon signs for your wedding. If you are having trouble designing your order, contact us with our helpful staff who are always more than happy to help.

Why Neon Signs Are the Perfect Addition to Your Video Game Haven

Perhaps you are thinking about whether neon signs actually should be installed in your gaming area. In the end, you can use ordinary light fixtures and achieve a similar effect, right? Wrong!

You’re aware that having the perfect environment is key to the best gaming experience if you’re a gamer. Neon-colored signs are the perfect way to add some flair to your gaming space. Here are the reasons you should put these signs in your gaming space.

Neon custom light-up sign for ambiance

The ambiance of a room can be enhanced by custom neon signs. They are available in a variety of colors and shapes to suit your space’s design.

Custom neon signs help you concentrate

In creating a focused gaming space, custom neon signs can help you to stay focused. A personalized sign will add to the vibrant, enjoyable atmosphere that helps you get into the zone and be focused on your playing.

The neon sign boosts the reaction time

Custom neon signs can help enhance your reaction speed by creating a stimulating atmosphere. Colorful and attractive shapes and colors ensure you stay alert and awake during gaming.

Signage custom-designed to create the right gaming mood

A customized neon sign can set the mood for your gaming room. There are a variety of gaming neon signs that you can select from, and you must select one that is compatible with your personality and style.

Professional appearance

Since they provide a constant, bright light LED neon lights enhance the professional look of your gaming area.

This type of lighting is great for those who take their gaming seriously because it creates a more focused environment.

Display your skills

A LED neon sign could help you show off your gaming abilities to your family and friends by displaying your top scores.

This is a great way to showcase your gaming abilities and make sure that everyone knows who the top player at home is.


If you’re a professional gamer who attends tournaments or has YouTube that has a neon light, it can be used to advertise gaming tournaments as well as other events. All the world will be able to see the neon LED lights that you have in the background and help you attract more viewers and followers.

Self-promotion with neon light

A custom neon sign could be utilized to advertise your gaming company if you’re an online player with an online video channel. This type of sign can assist you in attracting new subscribers and followers as it’s an excellent method to showcase your company. Promote new collections of merch and new collaborations with other gamers.


A custom neon sign could be used to give your gaming area a unique appearance.

Create themes

A neon LED sign can be used to create an atmosphere for your gaming space. This is a fantastic way to ensure that your space appears consistent and well put together. You can use a neon sign to create the look of a retro gaming style or a modern gaming theme.

Show your love of gaming

A custom neon sign is a great method to display your love of gaming. It is possible to use the neon sign to showcase your favorite game character or gaming name or just your passion for gaming in general. This is a great way to let everyone knows how much you love gaming.

Add some luminosity

A custom neon sign can make your gaming area more inviting by making it more fun and bright. This is the perfect way to add some life to your room and make it more enjoyable to game in.

Accentuate elements

A neon sign made from LEDs is a great way to highlight other elements in your gaming area. The neon sign could be used to highlight particular furniture pieces and accessories.

Let your personality shine through

Hanging a custom neon sign with a custom phrase that you’ve written is a great way to bring your space to life and display your character. If you’re looking to be noticed then this is the best way to do it.

Keep engaged

Neon signs can assist you to stay motivated while gaming.


You can create a personalized neon to motivate you and assist you to reach new heights in gaming. The neon sign could be used to showcase your accomplishments and objectives.

Feel secure

A custom neon sign can aid you in feeling more comfortable while gaming. This is because a LED neon sign is a great way to show your abilities and accomplishments. This is a fantastic method to ensure that you’re confident in your skills in gaming.

Social benefits

Use neon signs to promote camaraderie among gamers. This is a great method to ensure that you’re always feeling connected to your gaming group.


Neon-colored signs on your wall can make your gaming room more inviting and show off your creativity. They can provide a soothing and relaxing light that will allow you to relax during gaming.


A custom neon sign could be used to bring a touch of luxury to your gaming area. It is a fantastic method to make your room appear more luxurious and put together.

The ultimate gaming experience

Neon signs can assist you to create the best gaming experience. They’re a great way to create a gaming area more comfortable and fun. If you’re looking to ensure that you’re always enjoying the most enjoyable time when gaming and gaming, a neon sign is a perfect way to accomplish it.

Where does Echoneon deliver to?

Echoneon offers custom options for customers in the United Kingdom, the USA, and Australia. Based on our high-quality signs we have received great customer feedback.

What are Echoneon signs composed of?

Our signs are made from PVC, not glass that can break. Instead, they are durable and high-quality home decor. Our signs are constructed with acrylic backings and pre-drilled holes and not LED neon that flexes. Our signs last for a lifetime.

Do you need Command stripes that work with Echoneon?

Our signs are simple to hang and mount.

Are our signs eco-friendly?

Our signs are low-energy and energy efficient. Our LED lights are eco-friendly and can save you energy costs on your electric bill. Buy energy save sign today!

The best way to enhance the overall appearance and feel of your gaming area is by using neon signs. They’re an excellent method to improve the appearance and feel of your gaming room. So what are you waiting for? Order your new neon sign today!

Custom Neon Light Signs as Logos: Weighing the Benefits and Drawbacks

A lot of business owners are looking for a unique and memorable way to market their company and its products but don’t know where to start.

Neon-colored signs are a fantastic way to get your business noticed. They’re stunning and can highlight you above the competition.

The custom-designed neon light is a great investment for any company. It will not only help gain new clients but will also enhance your brand image. Consider making a custom neon sign that displays your company logo.

What is a neon logo?

Neon logos are signs that use neon lighting to highlight the company’s name and logo. Signs made of neon are popular with businesses because they are attention-grabbing and are easily seen from an extended distance.

Signs made of neon can be a fantastic option to show your company’s image

The neon sign is a great option for your business to make a statement. It is possible to be imaginative by using them and showcasing your individuality. The neon sign you choose to display will help you stand out from the crowd. It also makes it easier for people to remember your name.

Make a memorable neon logo design

When it comes to designing a logo, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. One of these is whether to use a neon sign. The neon sign can be customized to incorporate your company’s logo or name. They are also able to help make your business stand out. Many businesses make use of neon signs as their main source of advertising.

What custom LED neon signs can propel your company to the next level

Your company will distinguish itself from other companies by having a custom neon logo

If you’re a shop owner and you’re competing with other stores in your locale, a customized neon logo is an excellent method to differentiate your company and make it more visible to prospective customers. Businesses that use attractive signage, like neon signs, will likely have increased visits from customers.

Businesses can also be noticed on the internet with customized neon signs

In this digital age websites are often the first impression potential client will get of your company. Consider a logo or neon sign to create an impression that lasts on your site.

A properly designed neon logo will make your website stand out over the millions of other websites on the internet and get the attention of those who are looking for what you can offer.

A solid brand identity can be developed using custom neon logos

Your logo is among the most crucial aspects of your brand identity. Your logo is what your clients associate with your company. Therefore, it is crucial to select a logo that represents your values and your personality.

You can do this with an individual neon logo. With a unique and captivating design, you can make sure that your logo is remembered long after customers leave your store or website.

A properly-designed neon logo could aid in boosting the loyalty of customers

If clients have a positive experience with your company and are satisfied, they’ll likely come back. An attractive neon logo will make customers feel more connected and loyal to you.

Custom neon logos can help you create a targeted audience

You have the option to target your ideal customer when designing a logo or neon sign.

You can make your marketing more effective by choosing colors or shapes, words,, and phrases that appeal to your target audience.

Custom neon signs can help your brand stand out on social media

Social media is an excellent method for prospective clients to get in touch with you. If you’d like your business to be noticed on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram you should consider putting a neon sign or logo for your profile photo or posts.

Bright and attractive neon logos can make your brand stand out and help to be noticed by the people you want to connect with.

Custom neon logos can help you bring a huge impact on events

A customized neon sign or logo can create a lasting impression whether you’re at a tradeshow or hosting grand openings. Neon signs are impossible to miss, so it’s the ideal way to draw the attention of customers and make your brand stand out.

What can you do to create custom neon signs or logos?

Here at Echoneon, we offer a custom tool where you can design your logo using neon. You can personalize your logo’s colors, designs, and fonts with our tools and design elements.

Our team of professional designers will bring your brand to life in neon. Our signs are all made with pre-drilled holes for an easier hanging experience.

What is the cost of the neon sign?

The cost of a neon sign or logo will vary depending on its dimensions, design, and shipping. Prices start at $120 for a small sign and increase to $600 for a larger sign.

Contact our team if you require help in determining the cost of your project. We’ll be delighted to provide a quote.

Do you have a font that can be used for neon signs?

Custom neon lighting can be made custom by using fonts and other typography settings. The Echoneon team creates our handcrafted signs so that your idea and vision can be brought to reality.

What are the qualities that make a logo successful?

When creating a logo to use neon, there are some essential points to be aware of.


A well-designed neon logo should be simple and easy to understand. It must be easy to recognize, even when it’s seen from the distance.


A successful neon logo needs to be flexible and adaptable. It must be able to be used in a variety of contexts both offline and online.


A neon logo must be remembered. It should be something that people can remember long after seeing it.


A great logo must reflect your business and the work you do. It should convey the core values of your business and make people aware of the person you are.


A neon logo must be well-balanced. It should be visually appealing and simple to look at. Keep these things in mind when you’re thinking about a neon sign or logo for your company.


A great neon logo should be simple to read and understand. You should choose vibrant colors that aren’t too overpowering.


The correct size is essential for the neon logo. It should be big enough that it can be recognized and easily seen, yet not overwhelming.


A well-designed neon logo must be distinctive. With all the businesses in the world, it’s important to make sure that your brand stands out from the rest. A custom neon sign can help you do just that.

It is possible to leave a lasting impression on clients by designing a unique neon sign or logo. Echoneon lets you create distinctive signs that are sure to be noticed. Contact us today to start.

Create a custom neon logo to be creative in your marketing

A personalized neon logo could be used to advertise your company in many different ways. Get creative with your neon logo or sign to attract new customers.

A custom neon logo can be an excellent investment for your business.

Every business could benefit from a custom neon logo. A well-designed logo or sign will increase awareness of the company, attract new customers, and boost loyalty among current customers.

If you want to take your business to the next level, you should consider purchasing a custom neon logo. Get in touch with us today to get started on making your logo!

Dreamy Dusk: Experience the Soothing Glow of Night Lights for Your Indoor Haven

Do you think of a world without light sources? Light sources have many benefits They help to illuminate your dark areas and improve visibility, and some kinds, like night lights, aid relaxation before bedtime at night.

It is normal to see people switch on their lights in the dark. A light source is often needed for minor tasks like the need to move between rooms. Therefore, night lights are recommended.

Additionally, night lights are not as bright as regular lighting sources. But they help provide enough light to make it easier to navigate through dark places. Adults and children also benefit from night lights because they can lessen their fear of the dark. Lights at night have many other advantages. Check out this article to learn more!

Why do people prefer night lighting?

Aside from being a source of light, There are many other reasons people prefer to use night lights. Find a few of these reasons below.

1. Night lights can be used to create a beautiful effect:

Night lights are produced in different designs, shapes, and shades. They can come as lamps, led neon bulbs, or lights. You can be creative with the light source you choose and add a touch of artistic flair to your home. A great idea would be to pick the right style or color that will best suit your room’s layout, style, or feel.

2. Support for kids:

Children suffering from nyctophobia (fear of dark areas) are very common. Rather than leave the lights on to keep them from getting anxious by being in darkness or dark places, consider using night lights instead. The traditional lighting sources might cause your children to sleep and cause them to be strained their eyes. The night lights, which are gentle on the eyes, could assist your kids in falling asleep.

3. Night-time reading:

A nightlight is a fantastic way to help you complete your work or read before bed. Lights at night are dim, and because it’s nighttime your eyes don’t have to strain to allow you to read your messages.

4. Night lights help illuminate pathways.

Homeowners with big homes may be witness to the difficulty it is to get around the house in the dark. However, having neon signs or lamps placed in strategic locations along the pathways can help facilitate navigation. They also help you find important objects and tools quicker like light switches and slippers.

5. They aid in setting a mood.

Since they’re soothing and relaxing, night lights can create the right atmosphere for your home. If you’re looking for a relaxing and warm feel to your bedrooms, by choosing the right color scheme for your lights at night, and some soft music, you can easily achieve the desired effect.

The Top Night Lights for Your Home

Lights for the night come in a variety of designs and shapes. Let’s look at various types of lights and how they fit in your home.

Led neon signs

Led neon lighting is ideal for use at night as they are a gentle illumination source. The most effective lighting source for rooms is the LED neon sign. They can be easily customized to meet the purpose of your room,

The signs are a great way to write the names of your children on the signs. They are also great as welcome signs in your house or for displaying your favorite quotes on specific wall spaces. The led neon signs offer a lot of possibilities for creative thinking.

Neon Tube Lamps

Another excellent source of night lighting is the neon tube lamp. Its long and flexible led tube lamp is a great light source. It is also lightweight and user-friendly. You can pick from a range of colors and position them at different angles to provide the best contrast in your bedroom. You can also use it to illuminate your pathways and hallways to ensure that no one wanders through the dark at night. They can be utilized to serve a variety of purposes.

Vintage Light Bulb

The old-fashioned light bulbs were designed to provide a balance between high quality and practicality. They are available in various shapes and are suitable for any space like your bedroom, living room, and office. These vintage light bulbs are an excellent choice because of the timeless look they give the room. It adds a touch of authenticity.

Rechargeable LED Nightlight

The rechargeable LED lights are a great alternative in areas that experience frequent power outages. It’s especially useful for kids’ rooms since they can stay on for a long period and are environmentally friendly and safe for children.

What to Consider Before Choosing a Light for a Night Light?

The benefits of night lights are numerous for those who do not like the dark. It’s not difficult to understand why. Here are some things to think about before purchasing the perfect night light to light your bedroom.

  • What’s the goal of the night light? Before you choose a nightlight, it is crucial to consider these questions.
  • Location: A vintage bulb isn’t the ideal option if you want to hang a nightlight up on the wall. Another crucial aspect to think about is the location.
  • The color: There are many options for night lights. And based on the function it is important to select the one that is most appropriate for your needs. For instance, studies have connected blue lights with an inability to sleep. Hence, there are better alternatives to using an evening light that is blue for a bedroom.

Frequently asked questions

Can night lights be used safely?

If you adhere to the instructions and guidelines of the manufacturer, night lights are safe. LED Neon signs are majorly eco-friendly and are made with non-toxic materials; hence they’re safe and harmless to one’s health.

LED Neon Lights Use a Lot of Electricity?

Even though night lighting like LED Neon signs, requires little electricity to work properly, it can be operated for long periods without needing much power. They are, therefore low-energy and therefore cost-effective.

What’s the best light source for the night?

The most effective night lights are known to be soft for the eyes, use less energy and are relaxing. There are numerous types of night lights available that include neon tube lamps, vintage light bulbs, and neon signs. Consider the space’s size, shape, and the kind of light you want to pick the ideal night light.


At night, lighting can become very difficult. The regular lights strain the eyes and you might have to squint your way into the bathroom once you wake up to go to the toilet. However, navigating in the dark is not an option.

Lights at night can make it easy to travel at night and less uncomfortable. They also aid in dealing with the fear of the dark. Also, night lights can be helpful for those who love to read before bed. Neon Tube Lamps as well as Light bulbs are common types of night lights.

Lights for the night could be the solution you have been waiting on for a long time. Before you buy your next nightlight think about your needs and preferences.

Flavorful Flair: Boost Your Cooking Area’s Ambiance with Chic Neon Kitchen Signs

The heart of the home is the kitchen. The place where people congregate often throughout the day to eat, socialize and plan their day. Numerous studies have demonstrated the importance of the kitchen in determining the potential resale value, as well as attracting prospective buyers and creating a lasting impression on all who visit.

A gorgeous kitchen is crucial for many reasons. We hope that these tips will aid you in planning the perfect kitchen renovation that won’t cause financial hardship. A beautiful neon kitchen sign could be a great conversation starter. Put up some motivational kitchen neon signs, and watch how your cooking space transforms. We will also give you our best kitchen neon signs ideas to bring some excitement and color to your Kitchen.

Neon Bulbs to Light Your Room

The latest style in design for interiors is neon lights. Lighting alone is the best way to brighten up your kitchen. Lighting by itself is the most effective way to brighten up your Kitchen. If the light fixtures are placed strategically and artistically they could be used to enhance the appearance of the space. To make the most impact of the light fixtures, focus on decorating just one corner with the little lights. It is not advisable to keep or display the same object in multiple places when you wish to draw attention to a specific part of your kitchen.

Grabbing Attention

If you are looking to make your vintage bar or kitchen look more attractive, why not add neon lighting? Include a countertop or bar table in your kitchen and bar. What about dining under an illuminated sky? Bring some zing to your dining area with bright neon signs. To spice things up, add some humor to your food terms and quips about daily meals. If you’re decorating your table using the color brown or pinkish scheme, pink neon lights are a great option. This kind of thing can help your kitchen stand out from the crowd.

Distinct Pop of Color

Your Kitchen must be awash in colors. A splash of color complements a neutral space and the surrounding decor effectively. A large, neon-colored sign can be appropriate for the message you are trying to convey. The distinctive texture of neon lights can enhance any room and create a unique look. Combine the kitchen area with various lighting devices to create a brighter atmosphere.

neutral colors such as white, gray, and cream create the backdrop of the contemporary Kitchen.

This is a logical and easy option since it lets the user quickly and easily change the highlighting color or design. Neon lights can add a little bit of flair to a mostly neutral space. Any color you like is perfect for the modern, transitional, or contemporary kitchen and you are free to select whatever you like for your neon sign. Pick a wall that will be the most eye-catching, which is the one opposite the breakfast bar or on the wall visible from the Kitchen and dining area. It instantly makes the kitchen seem more spacious and relaxed.

Select a variety of neon lights in vibrant colors to bring some texture to your house, which is a simple way to add color to any room.

Astonishing Beauty Unexpected in Art

You can add creativity to your kitchen by using neon lighting and signs. There’s no reason why your kitchen shouldn’t be boring when you can make it beautiful. Wall art created from neon lights is eye-catching yet distinct. Unique and unique designs will add a new dimension to your company. You can use neon signs for walls to create any type of symbol or attractive design. If you’re having difficulty thinking of any, you could consider the echo neon for suggestions. It is also possible to make customized neon signs to create other shapes like clouds, trees, or a sign. A smile for your children, regardless of whether they’re cartoon characters or humorous, can make their day. It’s thrilling to view the artwork displayed inside your home that can catch the eye of someone else.

Speak about your food concept

What makes neon signs so much more enjoyable if you only have one thing you can choose from? The flexibility of the sign allows us to express our personalities uniquely. You don’t want to use standard neon signs. Instead, choose one that reflects your personality. It could be a reflection of your values or an invitation to your loved ones as well as a recipe or simply a welcoming gesture. Let the neon signals from T give a powerful impression.

Bakeware with custom neon sign

Baking was a popular choice for a hobby due to the lockdown. A neon sign indicating that you’re a “baker” is a wonderful idea to gift a friend. You may think of phrases like “Hello Cupcake”, “Let Them Eat Cake” and “Chocolate is Always the Best Answer.”

Lighting Kitchen Signs for Setting the Mood

Neon signs for the kitchen can be anything you want however, creating a mood that you wish to set is a great idea. There is myriad messages on neon signs. They include ” Chill” or “Good vibes only” and “No Bitchin'” as well as “This kitchen is self-cleaning; take care to clean up after yourself.”

A Neon Light that adds an element of fun to any space

Perhaps you’d enjoy more provocative art to hang on the walls of your Kitchen. The signs like “Don’t worry about dishes, no one’s doing me any harm” and “I like my coffee hot as my husband” are two examples of the hilarious neon wall art offered here.

Kitchen Neon Drinking signs for Coffee, Wine, and Gin

The kitchen isn’t just for food preparation, it’s where the drinks are made and brewed, so perhaps a cool neon LED sign might be in order. Images of coffee cups, the words “Rise and Shine, It’s Coffee Time,” and the more succinct “But first – Coffee!” are just a few of the numerous varieties of neon signs for coffee in the Kitchen.

If you’ve been keeping an eye on it, you’ll have seen that gin is the rage these days; therefore, it should be no surprise that gin signs are the latest kitchen decoration. There’s a wide variety of gin signs to choose from, including miniature neon signs that can read “Gin Corner,” standard-sized ones that say “Tick, tock, it’s gin time,” and giant ones that say “When life gives your lemons, it’s time to pour the gin.”

The presence of wine indicators in kitchens reflects the growing popularity of alcohol-based beverages. You can find trendy neon wall signs with popular phrases such as “Life Happens, wine helps,” “When you are in doubt, add more wine” “Uncork & Unwind,” and “More wine, less whine.”

If you don’t want to overdo your drink, you can choose to go with pictures of beer and cocktail glasses, or “Alcohol You Later” instead. A lengthy signboard on the Kitchen wall might say that “A good day begins with Coffee and ends with Wine” for combining two drinks.

Personalized Kitchen Signs

A custom neon sign is always a great gift and the idea of a custom neon sign for kitchens is an excellent idea. It’s possible to keep it simple with something like “Welcome to Abby’s Kitchen.” Welcome to the Gift’s Kitchen, established in 1989, or Mum’s Kitchen, serving the Jones family since 2001, would make fantastic signs for families’ Kitchen. You could make a neon sign that reads anything that reads like “Welcome to Jo’s Domain,” “Head Chef John,” “Charlie is the Star Baker,” or “Chris Chef and bottle washer” if there is the chef who is the most prominent.

A sign for your kitchen that showcases your drink choices is another option. For instance, you could have a personalized kitchen sign saying “Kim’s Coffee Bar,’ ‘Peggy’s Gin Palace, or ‘Fran’s Wine Cellar.’

Neon Nooks: Discovering the Hottest Spots for Neon Signs in Your Business

Lighting for business is essential to improve brand awareness and recall. Businesses purchase and modify LED neon signs to advertise their brands. But, knowing the ideal places to put the sign on your premises is crucial as it determines if you will attract customers or not.

We are Echo Neon, our team of experts has assisted thousands of entrepreneurs and businesses to set up their neon signs. So, we know the trendy spots in your business place for neon signs. We can assist you.

Where To Hang a Business Neon Light?

These are the most ideal places for the neon sign you want to display in your company:

1. Decorate the Lobby or Reception

The lobby of your business is the place to wait and greet your guests and potential customers. As such, it is the perfect place to decorate with corporate neon lights. You can personalize a neon sign with your company’s logo or slogan, as well as a tagline, and then place it in the reception area. It will make sure it’s the first thing your guests see upon arriving at your office.

A business neon sign in the lobby can be an effective advertising tool. The sign for your business can be modified to reflect the services offered by your business. The lobby of your business will be illuminated by the LED lights of the neon sign for your business which makes it an ideal spot to greet your customers.

2. In front of The Store

A neon sign that advertises your business can be hung at the entrance of your shop. It will draw the attention of drivers and passers-by when they pass by your store. A neon sign at the front of your store will also help increase brand awareness and recall since people are not likely to remember where they last encountered a neon light due to its striking characteristics.

If you own a restaurant, you can hang neon restaurant signs in front of your place to attract hungry patrons. The trendy colors and vibrant designs of neon signs for business also make them a form of visual entertainment at night. The lighting will decorate your entrance to your business and delight your clients as they step in.

3. The Wall Behind The Countertop

Neon signs for a business look great on the wall behind your counter. The neon sign could display the name of the business on the wall in front of the counter to create an official setting. To create visual artwork or wall art you can put small neon signs for business on the wall. This set makes a great background photo for your website.

4. Let your guests see the sights

The versatility of neon signs for businesses can be utilized almost everywhere in your business place So why not make use of the signs to show your customers all around?

There is a possibility of hanging a reception” neon sign in your lobby, or a stairs neon sign in the stairway to indicate where these places are. In order to indicate the exact location of certain offices within large corporations neon signs are utilized for business. This is a trendy way to pass information to guests in and out of the building.

5. On The Roof Outside

The rooftop is one of the most effective places to maximize the impact of your business neon sign. The neon sign on the roof can be seen far away, particularly at night. People flying over the city or who live in tall buildings are able to see it.

If you wish for your business’s neon lights to reach as many customers as possible, put it on an upright pole on the roof.

But, it is essential to make sure that the neon sign is protected from elements (sunny snow, rain). To protect the neon sign you can create a transparent shade.

6. Near Sitting and Dining Areas

Attract attention from your customers by hanging a business neon sign that is hung on the wall near them. It is best to choose cute and humorous neon signs to achieve this as neon lights aren’t bright to disturb your customers or cause eye strains.

If you have a restaurant, cafe or saloon, bar or hangout place, the cool light from a business neon sign can create a relaxed atmosphere in your business place. The neon sign will beautify your space, and provide a backdrop for the photos and videos of your customers.

A great marketing method is to install an illuminated sign bearing your company’s logo or your brand’s name on the dining and sitting areas. If your customers snap pictures in front of the sign and post it on social media, it will promote the location where they hang out so that people can also visit the spot on the image.

7. By The Window

Are you looking to inform your customers that you are available? Put up a neon business display in front of the window. This technique is employed by convenience stores, bookshops and diners to draw customers.

The neon sign that is open will draw both drivers and pedestrians, especially in the evening. The glass can enhance the glow and beauty of the neon sign , too.

What is the best way to determine where to hang a neon light within your workplace?

These expert tips can help you select the ideal spot to place your business neon sign.

1. Are people able to see It?

A business neon sign’s main objective is to attract the attention of people. The ideal locations should be in clear view of everyone. This is why the rooftop and the entrance to the store are ideal spots to put up a neon business sign.

2. Are you sending the correct message?

This is a common feature on neon signs for businesses that provide directions, particularly those that are designed with arrows and names. Be sure that the arrow is pointed toward the proper part of the structure. If the sign spells “Stairs”, then the ideal spot to put it up is along the stairway.

3. Does it bother anyone?

It is important to remember that business neon signs are extremely bright, so they shouldn’t be positioned too close to anyone. If you’re looking to place the neon sign in the dining area or the seating space, you should choose neon signs with refreshing and cool colors such as blue, purple, pink, or white. These colors won’t be too bright to bother anyone.

The neon sign shouldn’t be placed too close to the people or too high on the wall. You can use the built-in dimmer and remote control on the neon sign to lower the intensity.

Are LED Neon Signs safe for business?

The LED neon signs are secure for use in business. Our business neon signs do not use any gas (neon or argon or mercury) to shine. Instead, we use LED bulbs that are low energy to create the light that is visible on the sign. LED bulbs are more secure than traditional lamps and are more environmentally friendly.

Business neon signs don’t generate heat or sound, so your customers and you don’t have to worry about that. Once the sign is installed, you can sit back and enjoy the benefits of your neon business sign with no worries.

Last words

In short, business neon signs can make your brand move further toward where you want it to be. Your shop will appear more attractive due to the chic signs’ design and colors. However, the neon sign has to be in the perfect spot to benefit from these benefits.

A neon sign for a business must be easily visible from all sides to ensure it is seen by everyone. It is important to not block the lighting and colors of the sign. You know the most effective places to purchase a neon sign for your business. Visit Echo to personalize or purchase your own sign.

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