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Here, readers can learn about the different styles and types of LED Neon Signs available, including their unique features and ideal use cases.

Why Neon Signs are a Game-Changer for Your Business Marketing Strategy

Using neon signs has many benefits. The neon sign’s unique look is often a motivating factor for artists. Neon’s effect on people is undeniable. That may be why many business owners return to neon as a significant option. The signs have been one of the most affordable lighting options and the best for maximizing return on investment since the 1960s when neon first appeared. Many small businesses also find LED neon signs a great marketing solution.

While neon signs have many benefits, here are some of the best reasons to consider neon signage for your company:

Neon is energy efficient

Everyone should consider switching to more energy-efficient options due to the increasing focus on conservation and energy consumption. To make your business greener, you don’t have to sacrifice the beauty of your sign. Neon consumes 50 to 60% less electricity than other modern signs, except LED modules. A sign lit with incandescent lamps will still require twice the electricity of a modern sign, but it will still be less effective at attracting attention to your business.

Because neon does not use a filament, it is cool to touch. You will also be able to use this option indoors around bars, restaurants, and offices. A typical neon sign costs about 20 cents to run for 24 hours.

Neon Signs Are Durable

The quality of neon signs made by skilled craftsmen will last many years. This compares to the lifespan of an average lightbulb which lasts about 6-12 months. A typical neon light lasts for around ten years. When they do go out, it is usually because of wiring problems or deterioration.

Regular maintenance is necessary to ensure that your neon signage lasts for many years.

Neon Is Versatile

Neon is also very popular because of the endless number of uses it can be used in. Neon is a popular choice in densely populated areas like New York City, Tokyo, and Hong Kong. The design possibilities are endless because neon comes in more than 100 colors and is made from glass tubing. To create a stunning form, you can hire professional glassblowers. These craftsmen bend glass into thousands upon thousands of shapes. You can create any type of signage indoors or outdoors using neon.

Neon Signage Is Environmentally Friendly

Neon lights are efficient, as we have already mentioned. Neon lights are more eco-friendly than traditional lighting and can be used in a variety of settings. Neon signs do not consume much energy. A toaster can use 100 times as much electricity in one use as a neon sign in 24 hours. If you want to reduce your company’s carbon footprint, then neon signage is the best option. Because neon signs are durable for at least 10 years, they also produce much less waste.

Neon Signs look beautiful

The neon sign can transform a dull interior into something that looks infinitely more elegant and sophisticated. The LED neon signs add creativity and flair to any space. There are many design options available. You can choose the colors that best represent your brand, accent your store’s interior or exterior architecture, and add light and artwork.

That beauty can also be used to enhance branding. Your office can be transformed with motivational signs that reflect your company’s mission. Illuminate your logo. Your logo should be hung high above the heads and ears of customers. This bright glow will make the images easily recognizable to anyone who has seen them often. It is the most cost-effective marketing campaign that you will ever make.

Neon Lights Up the Night and is Very Visible

Neo neon can help businesses increase brand recognition and visibility. Because neon is so bright, it’s easy to see even in the darkest of weather. Because the human eye naturally draws to light, neon signs are a great way to ensure your business is visible at all times of the day. A LED neon sign can help small businesses gain traction.

You can also use neon to advertise your business to passersby if there are longer hours or a 24-hour-a-day business. Although you can use other signage to illuminate your location, neon is cheaper and easier to maintain.

Neon Signs Are Masterpieces

Consider neon signs if you are looking to transform your storefront and interior. Neon signs have many advantages. You can make any type of sign you like and they come in all colors. The best part is that neon signs are affordable and can have a real positive impact.

Do you want to transform the look and feel of your business? Are you looking for information on neon signage? For more information, fill out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

Curating a Seamless Experience: 5 Essential Signs for Every Art Gallery

The art gallery signs can be just the same as the art. High-quality signage is crucial for any business, as it communicates brand value and creates a first impression.

Why do you need signs in an Art Gallery?

They are a wayfinding system

Wayfinding signs can be signs that provide directions. You will find many wayfinding signs that are useful for art galleries. These include exit signs, signs pointing to exhibits, and toilet signs. These systems are particularly useful if you have an art gallery spread over several floors.

They enable you to spread brand awareness

Every business has branding. This branding should be reflected in all aspects of your signage. Your branding should include images, text, logos, and other elements that associate with your company. It is important to have a well-recognized brand that people can associate with your business.

They make people feel first.

In a world that is all about first impressions, it is vital to give your customers a great first impression of your business. External signage is a great way to give people a positive impression. Signs that are high quality will make a better impression than LED neon signs that have been worn down.

What type of signs should art galleries have?

External Fascia

Your sign must be attached to the front of your company so people can easily identify your business. It is the best way to make an impact on your customers. Signs can be deceiving and can make people avoid visiting your business. The exterior signage that we made and installed for Clarendon Fine Art has perfectly suited to their current branding.

Window graphics

Window graphics are a great way to add personality and flair to art galleries. You can display your gallery name or advertise a new exhibit on the windows. Window graphics are versatile and can be easily modified.

Projecting signs

A projecting signage is a LED neon signs mounted on the side of a building that has a double-sided design. Because they can be seen from many directions, they are great for increasing exposure and helping people find your business. Hanging projecting signage has been a staple of art galleries for years.


It is vital to tell people visiting your gallery the name and artist of each piece of art. Plaques can be small enough to match your branding, but they can still easily be manufactured. These plaques should be kept simple to not distract from the main attraction.

Wall Graphics

Wall graphics can be a great way to bring life and interaction into a space. Wall graphics are flexible and can be easily modified, just like window graphics. Wall graphics can also be converted into wayfinding systems. You can also create graphics that inform visitors about what they can find on each floor. So that your wall graphics can be easily seen, make sure they are at eye level.

The Ultimate Guide to Caring for Your Neon Sign

Is your neon sign a business sign? Here are some easy tips to make sure your business sign is always clean and appealing throughout the year. Add a pop of color to your space with our custom neon signs!

A sign is a key component of a successful marketing campaign. It not only guides potential customers to the shop but also:

  • We can help you make a lasting impression
  • Attract new customers and increase profits over time
  • Your business will be marked
  • Your customers should be able to access important information about the business.
  • Brand recognition

Calgary custom-made and high-quality business neon sign installations

Our team of highly qualified professionals has the experience and equipment to repair, install and maintain billboards and signs.

Here are three tips for taking care of your neon sign

If you recently bought a custom neon sign to decorate your restaurant or store, you need to know how it should be taken care of. A sign should always look bright and clean.

It will show your brand’s high standards, and attract more customers. A sign that is old, broken, or smudged may cause more damage than good.

Here are 3 easy ways to look after your neon business signs:

1. Keep it out of reach of customers

Neon signs are a popular choice for many people. Signs too low for customers’ touch are at risk of getting damaged. If there aren’t enough people handling your sign, it will break.

Ask your Calgary lighting contractor about mounting your custom neon sign high out of reach for your customers.

2. Dust the Neon Tubes

Clean your neon sign every month. You can keep it looking brighter and will make cleaning easier. You will need to clean your sign with a:

  • Feather duster
  • A small, stiff paintbrush
  • A vacuum cleaner with a brush accessory

Always turn off the SIGN before you begin cleaning. Each neon tube should be brushed with a feather brush. The paintbrush can then be used to reach smaller crevices. After the tubes have been cleaned, vacuum the sign.

3. Keep your Sign in the Loop All the Time

Even though it may seem counterintuitive at first, your neon sign will be healthier if it is left plugged in continuously. Why? Why? The neon signs do not get hot because they use electrodes instead heated filaments.

Are you worried about energy costs? You might be concerned about energy costs. Neon lights require very little power and the restarting of their power transformers takes up more electricity than lighting the sign for long hours.

Call Today

Fluorescent Lighting knows how crucial interior and exterior signage are to your business’s success. We have the experience and equipment necessary to set up your neon sign quickly and efficiently so that you can begin enjoying the incredible benefits as soon as possible. Add a pop of color to your space with our custom neon signs!

Comparison between traditional neon lights and modern neon lights

The Reality Of Traditional Neon

For context, let’s first look at some historical background. The heyday of traditional neon in America was around the turn of the 20th century. The first neon sign was introduced at the Paris Motor Show, 1910. However, it declined in popularity after a few decades. Because neon signs were expensive and fragile, many businesses stopped using them by the 1960s.

In the 1980s, neon signs were a temporary trend and re-emerged in popularity. It is now well-known that traditional neon can be expensive and pose safety and efficiency issues. While traditional neon signs are still in use, they are not nearly as numerous today as there were in mid-1900s. LED neon signs are a better option.

The Basics: LED vs Traditional Neon

Let’s see the differences between these two types neon signs. Safety is the most important. Traditional neon signs, made with neon or argon gas are fragile and easy to break. They emit a loud buzzing sound and are very hot to the touch. Broken pieces can be dangerous. LED neon is a much more durable option than traditional neon. It makes no noise and has very little warmth. For a similar lighting effect, traditional neon consumes almost ten times as much power as LED neon. This means that LED neon can be more environmentally friendly.

Because LED neon does not require special glass bending or other manufacturing techniques, it takes less energy and resources to make one than a traditional neon sign. An LED neon sign can also be adjusted in brightness. This is a feature that is difficult to achieve with traditional neon. Traditional neon is much more difficult to maintain than LED neon. This is also true for general usability, such as shipping problems. LED neon is more durable, safer, and more versatile than traditional neon.

What is a “Real” Neon Sign?

Traditionalists might argue that LED signs don’t look like “real” neon signs. They look just like real neon signs and that is what matters most. It is difficult to distinguish LED neon signs from traditional neon signs. One famous example is David Dobrik, who mistakenly used his traditional neon sign for anLED sign in his Architectural Digest tour. No one will notice that the LED neon sign is not traditional.

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