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ATC-Sim | Web Based Air Traffic Control Simulator

      I was bumbling around the internet looking for new and cool aviation websites, when I discovered, ATC-SIM: Web-Based Air Traffic Control Simulator.  I thought to myself, "What the hell is this?"  Intrigued, I continued reading.

     This is a neat little website, that offers a FREE ATC simulator.  That's right I said free!  "Oh, man, this thing has got to suck!"  Not at all!  The graphics at first seem a bit 1984, but in actuality are right on for what most tower controller's have to work with these days.  Not only that, but this could prove to be a great training tool to get those up and coming ATC Controllers moving in the actual FSX simulator.

     The interface is a bit tricky to get down, but instructions are provided for those interested in Air Traffic Control.  There are complete written instructions, as well as a video sample to get you going.  You will need to be pretty good at typing, or this little simulator will definately improve you keyboard layout skills; FAST!

     Once the simulation begins, you really don't have time to worry about the looks of the display, or the fact that there is no sound.  Within minutes you realize that you may be in over your head; and then see that there are only four inbound and two waiting to take off aircraft!  Be prepared to spend several hours trying to master this little guy, as you can specify many different commands to each individual aircraft on your radar.

Commands include, but are not limited to:

  • Ascend/Descend
  • Heading
  • Take Off Clearance
  • Landing Clearance
  • Position and Hold
  • VOR/Intersections
  • And more..

     Overall I think it is a great idea, well programmed and FREE website all thanks to ATC-SIM.COM.  After all is said and done, for the price versus complexity, I rate this a 9.5/10!

Added: September 8th 2009
Reviewer: Sven2157
Score: 9  
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Language: english


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