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Just Flight C-130 Hercules For Microsoft Flight Sim FSX/2004

As a Royal Air Force serviceman's son, a few aircraft mean a lot to me. One aircraft in particular is the Hercules C-130. A Favourite at all British air shows and a crowd pleaser the world over. Most importantly a vital military stalwart still going on strong.

To hear that Just Flight had teamed up with captain sim to create this aircraft had me a little worried. I have longed for this aircraft to be made and brought into the flight sim world, and I needed it to be good. PMDG could have created this and I would still have been worried.

And wow have they delivered something special. I love everything about this add-on. The model is beautifully created, the flight dynamics feel good, the virtual cockpit is a very nice place to be, and all of this gives you a frame rate friendly aircraft which for me makes an ideal add-on for flight sim.

This aircraft has got to be one of the finest turbo prop add-ons on the market. For anyone who has had the pleasure of seeing this aircraft for real would recognise the unmistakeble sound of the 4 Allison T56-A-7/15/16 turboprop, constant speed engines, something that the captain sim team has seamlessly incorporated into this product.

For the hard core virtual pilots this is a challenge. Although an "easy enough to get off the ground" kind of aircraft for novice to intermediate pilots, this would appeal more to experienced pilots who like to spend a little more time on flight preparation and planning. Just about every button that can be pressed has an impact on flight performance, so thank the lord for detailed thick book of instructions that you get very kindly with the purchase of the DVD ROM package. 

The external and internal animations are of a high quality, something that is missing in a lot of todays payware add-ons.

Now for the boys toys! Yes you can have the Blue Angels livery with the rocket packs, and oh my how they look and work brilliantly, this was an unexpected surprise and something that leaves you smiling to yourself for a few hours.

I could go on and on about all this product has to offer but I would probably crash this site with information overload, it is that in depth. It really is a buy and you won't be dissapointed, but please be cautious as to where you buy this from as prices can vary from stupidly expensive to reasonably cheap, so shop around for a good deal. This might be the only negative I have on this product!

My score for this add-on is a very well earned 9/10, I would have given it 10 but I felt a little let down by the price I had to pay for the DVD ROM version.

Well done Captain Sim, I look forward to your future products.


Added: February 1st 2010
Reviewer: SyTheSoundman
Score: 9  
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Language: english


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Just Flight C-130 Hercules For Microsoft Flight Sim FSX/2004
Posted by Sanders on 2011-01-15 09:04:34
My Score: 10  

No wonder it is a favourite at all British air shows. I have never seen it with my own eye but I've seen it on the video . It looks like an angel. It is very cool, especially if it flies in a night sky.


Just Flight C-130 Hercules For Microsoft Flight Sim FSX/2004
Posted by Sven2157 on 2010-02-01 14:24:53
My Score: 10  

Very nice write up Sy! Bravo, Cheerio! I look forward to the first flight!

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